Off to school…

Its been a month since Mimi joined playschool, but I haven’t had the time and patience to post about it. We got him enrolled to a nice school nearby. The first three days, moms/dads were asked to accompany the child, which I thought was a novel idea.

The first time when I left him alone my heart broke into a million pieces, parts of which I’m still picking up. He cried the whole time that he was there. The second day he was better, but did cry for a bit. Slowly he got used the school and wouldn’t cry when he was there. But getting him to go to school was a mountain task., I’d probably have climed Mt.Everest with more ease.

The minute I’d take him for bath, he would know and I would get a earful of howling, crying out ‘no kool, no kool’. But mean as we are, we used to get him ready and drop him off to school. The minute he would see the teachers he would smile and trot along.

Since two-three days he’s been a good boy and does not cry. He happily skips along and enjoys himself at school. He’s even picked up bits of ‘Johnny Johnny’ and ‘Pussy cat, pussy cat’ along with a few numbers here and there.

The funniest part is whenever I take him to the loo for a pee, he says ‘one, two, three… GO’ and then pees.

This pic was taken on the first day of school.

Picture 27373

Look at all the stuff he got from the school. That is the uniform he has to wear every friday.

Picture 27369


Picture 27370

He even got a cute lunch box and water bottle, all complete with a fork and spoon. How cute is that?

Picture 27371

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