Say hello to the new Picasso…

… cruel weather, cough and cold forced me to keep Mimi indoors. I was running out of ideas about how to keep him occcupied, when inspired by The Mad Momma’s post, I decided to let him have his first tryst with paints. So, after fortifying the table with enough papers and mounting him on a couple of cushions I got out the paints that he got as a return gift at a birthday party.

He had no idea what it was, but the minute I showed him what needed to be done, he kept repeating.. Mimi bainting, mimi bainting book.. peash (please)

Some memories from the cold winter evening.

Picture 27488

The little child’s still learning but look at the rainbows in each container. He’d pick up the brush dip it in all the containers and then paint the paper…

Picture 27486

The end result…

Picture 27489

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