Home made cake!

I have always been fond of baking and used to bake a variety of cakes till I got married for after that I couldn’t becuase we were not allowed to bring in eggs into my hubby’s house. I kind of lost interest in baking until I hit upon this recipe which compelled me to try out an eggless cake. At first I used only the basic ingredients, i.e., no raisins, cocoa powder or nuts.

The first try was disastourous. My cake turned out like biscuit in the center and all wet and undone on the top. Thankfully, I did not give up.  After a couple of days I tried again, microwaving it for a shorter time and on more heat. Voila! it turned out so spongy and lovely. The only thing missing was the crust which you get in a regular oven. Aaah! but that’s ok.

Now, I began trying with different ingredients. Bananas and cashew – excellent, just dry fruits – excellent, just cocoa powder – excellent and finally marble cake (mixture of regular and chocolate cake) — superbly excellent (if english like this exists).

Now, I was visiting a friend who had just come out of surgery. And I wanted to take something for her. What better than a home made cake. Here’s what I took for her. By the way, the inspiration to bake marbled cake and to gift  home made cake comes from here


Picture 27505

And then, I also made one for home. I’ve cut it up to show you how lovely it looks.

Picture 27509 Picture 27510

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