Goldilocks and the 3 whatever…

Mimi’s been around books a while now, but the actually concept of imagining what’s happening and actually getting engrosed in the pictures and story is kind of happening now. So the other day my mom read out ‘Goldilocks and the 3 bears’ for him a couple of times.

Cut to tea time. Mimi was enjoying a plate of avalakki. There was a tall tumbler, next to which was a round short cup and next to this was his plate of avalakki. Suddenly out of the blue he announces — appa, amma and Mimi.

Apparently the tall tumbler was his dad, the round short cup was me(thank you very much, i’m trying to lose weight) and the small plate was he…

Which brings me to tell you another story. When I was really small (may be 3)… Ok first I’m going to hide under the table so none of you can see me blush with embaressment. So, when i was really small and was in the loo, I believe (I would really like to believe that it was just my mom’s imagination) I made a sound like a big fart and said ‘pappa bear’, made a medium fart sound and said ‘mamma bear’ and made a teeny weeny fart sound and said ‘baby bear’

The end!

Its really tough to type from under the table…


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