Mimi update

Its been long since I wrote about mimi. Firstly, he turned 3 on July 11. I’ve still got to write a post on that… so much to do, so little time…

Anyway, now Mimi can use the loo on his own. Small job only. He still needs me for the big job. He’ll wait till he cant wait anymore and he’ll come running to me ‘Amma…. susu, susu…’ He’ll be standing there crossing his legs. (what a sight that is!) Calm and composed amma says ‘run, run to the loo’.

He’ll obidiently run, pull his pants down and finish his job. Then he’ll walk back to me with his undies still at his ankles. Apparently he can’t find the picture on the front of the undies so he does not how to put it back up. I help him and say ‘Go back and flush, baby’. Mimi runs back, quickly flushes and covers his ears. He does not like the sound of the flush… 🙂


Have you seen that cadbury’s 5star ad? The one with ‘Suresh and Ramesh having brief memory loss’? Mimi has seen too many times.
The other day, he told his dad to put on his backpack (the one he uses to take to work) and mimi put on his school bag.

Mimi:  ‘Appa, now you say ‘Ramesh’. Then I’ll say ‘Suresh’. …..
Appa: Blink, blink… small smile on the face
Me: ROFL…. my little hero..


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