BB7 : The Iron Chef Edition (Blog event)

Before we get into the details, I would like to share that this post is an entry to BB7 by Nupur of One Hot Stove (I just love her blog. No Nupur, I’m not bribing you to get my entry on your site :D). Its a entry for a blog event where we are to use one core ingredient and make two different recipes out of it. So here is my entry for BB7 : The iron chef edition.

Sooooo, my core ingredient is Paneer. Paneeeeeeeeeeeeeer…. I just love Paneer, in any form. I decided to search blogs far and near and get recipes which I will enjoy learning and making. Voila! I din’t have to go very far. I zeroed in on ‘Matar Paneer Parathas’ from Sia’s  ‘Monsoon Spice’ and ‘Rasmalai‘ from Madhuri’s  ‘Cook-Curry Nook’. And did I have a good time learning these recipes? Oh! you bet I did….

The husband loved the parathas and Rasmalai…. What a combo, by the way. Piping hot parathas and chilled Rasmalai…. Leaving you with some pictures of my new ventures.

Ready to eat!


A pretty picture before the filling got squished and amalgamated...

A happy Mimi waiting to pounce on the parathas.

A-la Rasmalai…

It was not as good as how it looks on the original recipe, but they were yum for a first try.

Hope you enjoy making these recipes.



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