What’s the use of a keyhole…

… if you cant peep through it.

We were to go shopping yesterday and Mimi was making a big fuss for changing his clothes, etc.
“I’m going away. I’m leaving you and going away.” I told him. I walked away into another room and closed the door. I was pretty mad at him.
It took Mimi a few minutes to realise that I was not to be seen around. He went all over the house looking for me. The husband told him that I was indeed gone and that it was just the two of them now.

Seeing a closed door (we rarely close the doors for our rooms as its just the three of us at home), he ran and began to bang the door, calling out “Amma, amma”

I did not respond. I was still mad you see. The husband said that I was not there. After several minutes of banging and yelling, I could hear a voice say,
“Appa, I can see amma from here”, pointing to the keyhole.

That was it. I came out bursting with laughter, not mad anymore. 🙂

And of course, the shopping went off great. I had a field day. Check out the stuff I picked up.

I went crazy when I saw this yarn... I felt like a child let loose in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

and I picked up some crochet hooks.


There was some yarn at home. I got into some new josh and rolled all the yarn into big balls. By the end of it, after about 5 hours, I had 8 balls of coloured yarn and a couple of sprained shoulders and arms… whew!

Mimi had a make a train and he chose to lay down beside it..


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