Diwali special.

I wait the whole year for Diwali and before you know it, it’s come and gone leaving me blue.
This year I made some special sweets — Kaju burfi. My maid, taught me how to do it. Thanks P! Everyone who bit into the burfis were all in awe for it. And I told all of them that you taught me and helped me how to do it.

Here’s what we did

  • Soaked 500 gms cashews in water for about 5-6 hours


Ground it to a fine paste with minimum water. I used a couple of tsp water just to get the blender running. But even then, you will find that its not extremely fine. Maybe if you added more water, it would be a paste, but lesser the water you add, the easier it gets to cook later.

Put the paste in a heavy pan/wok, with 500 gms sugar (cashew and sugar should be same weight). Start to stir the mix on a medium flame.

Keep stirring, dont let go for even a minute. (it tends to get burnt). Keep stirring till the mix begins to leave the sides.

Grease the platform well with ghee and plop the mix on to the platform. Pat it down quickly to desired thickness. Alternatively, you could grease large plates and pat the mix on the plates. After a while cut into desired shapes.



Inspite of all this fervour, I had no mood to celebrate Diwali. I missed my dad too much. It’s been 9 months already since he passed away, and i haven’t missed him so much in all these days. If he can hear me I want to tell him…

– you made the best Diwali lanterns ever. It had the most intrecrate hand cut patterns on them, that couldn’t be found anywhere
– your little grandson still remembers you (i’m surprised because he was very young when you went)
– he remembers your car, how you wore your cap (backwards) and the games that you played with him
– I missed you too much.
– I love you and will always do so….

Dear GOD: Pls keep him happy where ever he is.



    1. Thanks Shaktii,
      I’m working from home. So, Its a little easier on the home front. 🙂 Try the dish and let me know how it turns out…

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