Quick dinner

Firday night, Mimi is fast asleep, the husband is going to be late and hence will not be coming home for dinner. That leaves me pondering over what to have for dinner, opening the fridge a million times to see what I can make. Mimi had noodles that evening, I was not in the mood for it.

I found few slices of bread, some bajji batter from the previous day, some peas and some sweet corn. I put all this together and came up with some super dinner.

I cut the bread into 4 square pieces from each slice. Dipped it in the bajji batter(the batter was not thick like it is when used for bajji, I added more water. The purpose is to just soak the slices to make them soft and savoury), and placed them on a tawa. I sprinkled some peas, sweet corn and finely chopped green chillies on each peace. I added a few drops of oil so that the slices did not stick to the tawa. After a few minutes, I turned them over and pressed the slices down. This enabled the corn and peas to get stuck to the bread pieces. Drops of oil again and a few minutes later turned them over, plated them, sauce’d them and indulged.

Yum, yum…

Now, the toppings can vary, use your pantry and imagination.. 🙂
Signing off with some pics


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