Dilli ab door nahin

Literally, Delhi is about a 30-40 minute ride from where I stay now (Provided there are no traffic jams any where). The whole of last month has been exciting, tiring, thrilling and more tiring. Our move from Bangalore to Gurgaon has been a big one in terms of distance and a big development in life.
Both hubby and I are born, bred and have lived in Bangalore all our lives. So moving out of the city I have loved and hated was a tough decision. But that’s why they came up with the proverb ‘Man proposes and God disposes’.

Things are so different up north. The people, the environment, the way things work, the prices(these are literally up north) and not to mention the weather. Extreme heat and cold.

The major worry was getting a school for Mimi. The first few school even refused acknowledging us. The one school that agreed wanted to see how Mimi was. He was given a picture of a Lion and asked what it was. ‘Tiger’, Mimi replied promptly. He chose a green colour and coloured the full ‘tiger’ from top to toe.

Lady luck was with us and he got admitted. They probably were happy that at the age of 3+ he was calling a Lion as a Tiger and not a Truck. 

Next was house hunting. Never having to go through this exercise in my life, this turned out to be a nightmare. We saw umpteem houses, but to our good luck we found a nice cozy apartment in a complex. Just like everyone else, we too first looked for a school and then for a house near the school. Apparently in the ‘extreme’ weather conditions, it becomes difficult for the children to travel very far.

Next were the home appliances and other stuff. A fridge, TV, air cooler, mixie and we were set (kind of set). I had brought along some basic vessels from home. Another two days later the stove and cylinder came and yes, now we were set.

We got a small study table and chair for Mimi.

I’m far away from my mom and sis. Just after a year of my dad passing away, I think this is the time when we need each other more. But then, it’s a part of life. I want to take this experience to learn more in life. Each day is a learning experience.

The new chapter has begun….


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  1. It is all too exciting, I am glad to see you in Blogland again and glad that your move is so far so good. I am glad you got Mimi a school and hope he settles quickly and happily. I also hope you settle in your new home quickly and happily xxx

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