I’m a happy easter egg

So, what happened is this. I got a circular from Mimi’s school announcing that there was going to be a fancy dress on account of Good Friday and that the kids needed to be dressed as any character from the story of Jesus Christ / Easter bunny or Easter eggs.
I freaked out. I had no idea where to go from there. After a helping friend gave me some ideas, I settled down with some chart paper, colours, ribbon… the works.

And thus went the story of the Easter egg costume…

I drew the picture of an easter egg on chart paper and filled it up with colourful dots and stripes and little bit of glitter here and there..

Then I cut it into two parts as if the egg had crackedI

I made the top half like a cap and attached ribbon to the lower half and tied it round his waist. Voila… I’m a happy easter egg…

Mimi’s away at school and I sincerely hope he’s enjoying himself… the poor child has not yet made any friends at school, the quiet, shy child that he is.

More from the nest later!



  1. What a delightful Easter chick! Very very cute costume that turned out well. I hope he had a happy day. One day my youngest announced ‘My teacher said ‘bring your Snowman costumes tomorrow!’ This was the first I had heard about it, I had to quickly get a ‘Snowman costume’ together. I actually dread ‘Fancy Dress’ and getting costumes together, it makes me really feel the pressure. Thankfully my Mom seems to quite enjoy it and made a successful ‘Grasshopper’ constume recently for ‘Insect Day’. xxx

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