Blogger award

Horray! A blogger award. I’m so happy and touched. Lucy, a friend from the crochet world and the blogger world, has awarded me this. And I’m honoured to receive it. Thank you so much Lucy.

A part of receiving this award requires me to tell you 10 things about me which you don’t know. Ok! let’s see how far I can go with giving out dark secrets about me…

1) I’m a stay at home mom, but I do work from home for a wonderful baby centric website called
I’m the community moderator and I enjoy working with BabyCenter.

BabyCenter India - The most complete online resource for new and expectant parents

2) I’ve learnt 2-d animation. And I’m proud to say it’s one of my qualifications.

{sorry, i dont have any images to display now}

3) I’ve learnt and played SITAR for almost 6 years. I had to give up as I could not sit down due to a knee surgery. Hope I can get back to playing it someday.

4) Three of my stories have been accepted for a children’s magazine ‘TINKLE’, 2 of which have been published already.

5) I can be laaaaaazzzzzyyy at times. If I get into my lazy mode, that’s it, you can’t get me to even lift a finger, forget making dinner that day. Not joking.

6) I have this wierd habit of counting things. When I’m waiting someplace and have nothing to do I’ll start counting whatever can be counted. The number of railings on the window. I’ll count the number of curtain rings, the number of stairs and if nothing, I count my teeth… yes, it’s wierd. And its called Arithmomania.

I just came back from Wikipedia – and they call it as a mental-disorder. Whoops! So there, you can tell the world now that you have a loony friend.

7) I can bake some excellent cake. Banana walnut and chocolate are my specialities. No, not together. Banana walnut is seperate from chocolate.

8.  I’m addicted to the TV show FRIENDS. I’ve watched re runs of all the episodes at least 5 times. So now you know which DVDs to gift for my b’day. 😛

9) I have a creative streak to me – I can do good oil painting, embroidery, crochet and can write. I love writing stories for small children.

{this painting is not my original creation. I copied it from a calender. Thanks to the original painter for inspiring me}

10) My biggest desire is to get a Tattoo..

There these are some of things you did not know about me.




    1. Thanks Lucy…
      Hmmmm, I really haven’t decided what the tattoo will be, but something that will make me feel stronger from within, everytime I look at it.. 🙂

  1. Love the Ganesh painting. Is it OK if I copy and paste it to my blog obviously I will say who painted it and provide a link to this blog with your permission. I’m just doing sadhana on his mantra nearly 100,ooo…..but the obstacle’s still there……. must be more to do to clear some karma 🙂
    I love Sri Sri Ganesh.

    Muman aka Lucy’s brother.

    ps can relate to the lazy thing hey but that’s Ok 🙂

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