Dear Mimi,

This day, that year…. It was about 9am and I was lying down. The assistants were running about (actually not running, but it sounds exciting), getting everything ready for me. The main doctor came in and I asked to get ready for the anasthesia. They bent me like a bow.. *%$#$%… how can you expect a lady with a large tummy to bend, but I did it and OUCH! in went the needle. I could actually feel the medecine go into my spine. And BANG! about 5 minutes later I could not feel anything below my chest.

“Ok, we are going to cut you now” said the doctor.

“OK! You dont have to tell me all the gory details” I told him, in my mind ofcourse.

Two minutes later, the Operation theatre was spinning round and round and round. I had never experienced that before. I told my doctor that the room was spinning. “Stay awake, talk to us” he said
“No! no! please leave me alone, I want to close my eyes”
“Ok! you close your eyes”he said and continued with the procedure

A doctor standing near my head told me “I’m going to push your stomach” and I could feel him pushing my tummy. About 3 minutes later, which actually felt like eternity, I heard a cry. “its a boy” said someone. “its 9.25 am” said another. “all is well” said the paediatritian. They cleaned you, weighed you, measured you height, wrapped you and kept you near my face.

Since I couldn’t feel my hands (remember the injection in my spine), I could not hold you. “I’ll hold him later” and someone carried you outside while they “stitched me up” again.

All this while your dad was standing outside the OT. Apparently he had had a bout of loose motions that morning. I’m not sure if he was more nervous than me, or if it was just an excuse not to come into the OT. Ask him when you read this.

What I must tell you is, there was no mommy baby bonding the minute I saw you. I was like, “ok! so there you are. I’m your mom and I’m going to give you a tough time if you dont listen to me. So now, sleep!” I felt this way, because I was tired from the surgery, from the nine months of huffing and puffing and carrying you around.

But that was 4 years ago. This day – July 11, that year -2007. You were born. You came into our lives to bring unlimited joy and happiness and love.
Each day has been more fulfilling than the one before. There have been days when I’ve been upset with you, angry with you and given you a hard time for being naughty.

You have grown so much from this day, that year…
We were worried about your speech because you did not talk till you were three. Now, we are worried you won’t stop talking ever. You pick up words quickly and use them in relevant places like:
Your aunt and granny were looking at a dried plant and wondering how to get it back up when you said “mummy ko bolo complan pilaye”

You can play with your zillion small cars all day long, all by yourself. You’ll race them, get them to bang into each other and continue to talk to yourself

You’ll rattle off some sentences and at the end say “Amen”. That’s when I know you’ve just said your school prayer.
You love helping me around the house. Be it putting the veggies in the fridge, hanging the clothes to dry, bringing them back in or even helping me when I was helping serve food at a friend’s daughter’s birthday. When all the kids had sat down to eat you went around making sure all their plates had spoons. I am so proud of you for little things like these.

You can sense when I’m angry or upset. And the minute you know that you come up to me and say “Amma, dont get angry” and you kiss me. I can never stay upset beyond this point.
You are shy when there are too many new people around you. But once you get to know someone, you will cling on to them for life. You can really make us laugh. Like to day you said “my teacher has asked me to tractace (practice) basket ball”, just coz you wanted to play while I wanted you to sleep. I believe stand up comedy can be a professsion you can choose. You can giggle and laugh whole heartedly when you watch your favourite cartoons.
You’d rather not play with the kid who hit you (for no reason), than hit him back.
But remember baby, this will not work everytime. You must learn to defend yourself. And I’m here till such day.

So Mimi, wishing you a happy 4th birthday. We love you to bits and are always here for you. You know I dont have to say that.



Leaving you with some pics

At age 1

Arranging 'all' the jigsaw puzzles that you have, when you get bored





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