Mimi Tales

There is dead silence in the house as soon as Mimi goes to school.
And then… the silence dies the minute the door opens and he enters home again.

Non stop, non stop, the rhymes and songs are rattled one after another.
A,B,C,D,E,F, fee, X,Y,Z (Version 1a)

Two days later and some practice in school
A, B,C,D,E,F,G,X,Y,J,K,ELLO MENNO P, ELLO, MENNO, P,Q, R, S,T (version 1b)

Then there are some hindi songs which only he can understand. I can get only the last line – ‘Apna ghar hai sabse pyara’ – meaning ‘our home is the best’.

I can’t imagine how he can keep chattering non stop. With me, with his toys, with himself, with his cycle, with his imaginary friend and with his food.

Ask him if he has friends in school, he’ll tell you ‘Yes’.
What are their names? ‘One is the one with Sinchan bag and the other is the one with Spiderman bag. I don’t know their names.’

It’s easy to please Mimi. A couple of bourbon biscuits or noodles for lunch is all it takes for you to get a hug and a thank you from him.

Even this morning, when I got him all ready for school, he was so happy with his outfit that I was awarded a hug and thank you. By the way, they had Independence day celebrations at school. We had to send kids dressed in saffron, white and green.

After much hunting and getting wet in the rain while hunting and etc., I came up with this…

Enjoy! By the way, that hat/ head band is home made. Improvised a table mat. 😛

Crochet heavy post coming up next. Watch this space for more….



  1. My goodness Mimi is growing up fast. I love his alphabet…you forget so quickly but they all do that…his outfit is fantastic, you would never know he had a table mat on his head! I will never forget youngest saying to me one night at about six ‘o’clock, “My teacher said we need to take our snowman costumes in tomorrow”! AAAggghh! I had to race around trying to make a snowman costume, the ‘carrot nose’ was hilarious. Motherhood the hardest job in the world…but a hug makes it all worthwhile 🙂 Looking forward to the crochet heavy post….xxx

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