Hot from the crochet oven

Its been soooo long since I did an update on my crochet. So here goes, this post is a round up of what my hookie adventures.

Amigurumi CAL.
The SAARC team at Ravelry had a Amigurumi Crochet Along. I was happy to be a part of it and made these two special Amis. This one’s called
Dr. Luv

And this one’s called ‘Mr. Red Hot Pants’.

This year’s winter is going to be my first encounter with extreme cold weather and I’m excited. So I’ve been busy making some wearables for the whole family.

A beanie for Mimi and the husband.


Mittens for mom

Waistcoat for my sister.. actually its a surprise for her b’day. Its a different story that her birthday is long gone and also that she might be reading this now.. So sis, if you are reading this.. SURPRISE!
I used this colour combination becuase I’ve seen you use that black and red sweater for so many years. I hope you like it.

ETA: I spoke to my sis who got her waist coat just today (Sep 11) and it fits her sooooo well… sniff! I’m so happy

I’m making another waistcoat for my dear niece, but that’s still WIP. So it’ll probably feature in my next crochet post.

Hair band… for a pretty young girl I know.

All the designs have been picked up from different websites. I wish I had remembered to save the links. I cant seem to find where I got them from, but I’d like to thank all the wonderful people who shared their work so we could reproduce the wonderful pieces of crochet.




  1. You have been so busy making fantastic things for other people. Mimi looks very happy with his hat. I am sure your hubby will be glad of his in the colder weather. Your sisters waistcoat looks very pretty and tiny! I particularly loved your little devil, he looks very well made. Keep going the chills are on their way!!!

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