Hot from the crochet oven

Hey all… how have you been?
Am good, am good…. Winter’s setting… no! it’s set in. And brrrrr…. all the woollies are out. Socks, shawls, scarves, mitts, sweaters, mufflers and caps/hats… all of them.

So my crochet oven’s been working overtime. Want to see the goodies??

This is a shawlette I made for a friend.

Small purses I made as Diwali gifts.

This muffler was made for my neighbour in Gurgaon. A very nice friend…

My first project that included handles and lining. I was very happy about the outcome.

My first sewing project: a mobile phone case made with Mimi’s old denim trousers. It has padding of poly fill between the outer cover and inner lining.

I was so thrilled with this project….




  1. Medha, your crochet oven has been working on overtime. Love love love your goodies. The shawlette looks clever, and the purses are very cute. Handles and lining! Now you are getting really clever. I love the recycling on the mobile phone cover, what a great idea. I am assuming you still have material left over from the trousers and that little phone cover did not use it all up? 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton, Lucy! I’ve been enjoying making all projects.
      Oh yes! There’s lots of material left from the trousers… 😀

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