I was first introduced to TINTIN when I was about 8 years old by my 2 cousin brothers. They were huge fans of the Captain and it din’t take me long to follow them. Holidays meant TINTIN and more of TINTIN. It hardly took any more time for my dad, mom and sister to become TINTIN fans. We were all so crazy that over the years we managed to purchase all the books there were, of his adventures.

And over the last couple of months I managed to get Mimi hooked on to TINTIN. The timing of the movie couldn’t have been better. We went to watch the movie today in 3d. And I had such a fantastic time watching it. The movie has a little bit from several of his stories. There’s Red Rackham’s Treasure and The Secret of the Unicorn. Of course these are actually part I and part II. But there is also Ben Salaad from The crab with Golden Claws and the ever famous Bianca Castafiore.

A few twists and turns which you won’t find in the orginal stories make it more interesting. Oh yes! I forgot about the Thompson twins, with a ‘p’ as in psychology. They were their usual silly selves.

It was Mimi’s first 3d experience and he enjoyed it thoroughly. Those who’ve not seen it already, try and catch it as soon as you can.

{Image courtesy: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0983193/}


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