Random Ramblings

So, how have you all been? Its been long since I blogged ad today being the last Sunday of 2011, I thought I should blog. But I dont have a story. So I’m just going to update you on the random things that are happening around me.

To begin with, we’ve been braving some new lows in the temperature front. Gurgaon has touched almost 2 degrees centigrade in the last week. This is our first extreme winter and wow! are we having some “cool” fun. There are woolens all over the place. Mimi’s covered all the time. Gloves, socks, cap, 3 shirts and a sweater with 2 pairs of trousers.

Talking of Mimi, I must tell you about how he’s become my little helper in the kitchen. He wants to help me with everything. Be it chopping the veggies, putting things back into the fridge or even making chapatis. I’m glad he’s developed this new habit.

My hubby’s already dreaming that’ll he be a big chef someday. Oh yeah! Let’s see if the handy helper role holds good for the next coupl’a weeks.

Mimi’s also been singing away to glory. Every waking minute is spent in singing. Two songs are topping the charts. One is ‘Jana Gana Mana’, out national anthem and the other is ‘Jingle Bells’. This is along with the hindi version, which goes like this ‘Ghanti bajao, ghanti bajao, aaya Santa claus’.

And they had a healthy food week at school last week. So before every meal, Mimi’s been asking me ‘Mom, is this healthy food?’I’m happy on one end that he’s conscious about his eating habits, but on the other end I can’t order that pizza on a lazy day.

Here are some pictures of Mimi. That thing that looks like a face is the first chapati / roti that Mimi made. I’m amazed at the shape it took. The one with the red coat is his school uniform. And the other one is how he’s dolled up at home.

The schools are closed for winter. 3 weeks of no waking up early in the morning. Bliss!

I’ve been very busy with crochet. But that deserves a separate post.



  1. What a handsome young man you have there, I love boys working in the kitchen. Does he like yarn too? Brrr sounds cold where you are. I have just eaten Christmas Lunch, both my boys are very happy with their Christmas Presents. We will go and visit my parents this afternoon. Enjoy your Winter break, does it mean more hooky time? XXX

    1. Thank you Lucy.
      He hasn’t yet shown any interest to yarn, maybe someday he will. He’s my best critic. He tells if something is looking good or not. And he’s right most of the time. 🙂
      Yes, holidays mean more hooky time. I’ve started a cardigan. Hope I can finish it and wear it before the winter is over.

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