Wearing his heart… where everyone can see it

I was trying to bake some biscuits – must have been my millionth attempt. Never mind the biscuits, they turned out all soft and not so tasty. Once the baking was done, I guess the smell attracted Mimi into the kitchen. He came and sniffed around the oven… a little too long.

He held his nose so close to the oven that the tip of the nose got a wee bit burnt. And it burnt in the shape of a heart. The poor thing. Everyone he met asked ‘What’s that on your nose?’ And I kept explaining how it happened. I could almost hear them think ‘What a bad mummy, letting her kid touch the oven’ 😦

I kept trying to get the right angle to click a photo, so I ended up clicking so many photos that at the end he said ‘ma! no more photos of my nose’


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