Dail M for “Mom! Please make Pizza”

So… I finally made pizza at home. From scratch. Can you believe it? I’m so happy, I’ve been patting my back since I dug my teeth into the delicious, oh-it-just-tastes-like-the-pizza-we-get-delivered, yummy pizza. The big man also could not believe that I’d made the base. Mimi too was overjoyed to have his share.

I have to first thank Anushruti of Divine Taste for sharing her simple recipe for making pizza dough. The simple ingredients and simple steps gave me the courage to attempt making the base at home. And I tried a combination dough with whole wheat flour and plain flour

Once the dough was ready, I spread on it, store bought pizza sauce. Next I chopped simple toppings available at home. Tomatoes, onions and capsicum. Finally added grated cheese on top and baked it for 16-20 minutes.
Just to be sure that all would be well with the base, I tried two mini pizzas.

And yes… all was well with the base. 😀
So, my heart and mind got a little more courageous and tried a bigger base. And as they say ‘rest is history…’. The bigger pizza would’ve surely been history, if I hadn’t remembered to click a picture for my blog.


Now that I’d like to think that I can make these again, I’m going to start trying with more different kind of toppings.


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