Chocolate-chip-cookies! Yes, please!

I’ve tried cookies before and failed miserably. I found a neat recipe that looked simple too. Worth another shot, I thought. And wow… I’m still not able to believe that I got the most perfect cookies I’ve ever made.

Thanks to Annie of Annie’s eats for her Giant Double Chocolate cookies recipe. I did make some changes. I did not add eggs and instead of choco chips, I added coarsely chopped slab of bitter chocolate that had been in my fridge for a while now. Also, I did not have dark cocoa powder, just used the regular cocoa powder.

What I loved the most was the moist melted bitter chocolate that gives you that sudden-bitter-taste in the mouth. Yummmmy!

My friend took a bite and said ‘Chuck your day job, this is your true calling’. I think that is a fantastic compliment. 🙂 Of course, the Big man begging me to make more of these cookies is the best compliment ever.

Drool on…


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