The great gapsy!

Mimi’s soon going to be six. And I’m going to be a good mum and make a nice birthday blog post for him this time. I meant to do it for his 5th, but just couldn’t get around to doing it. Ok! That’s not what this post is about. I think I have ADHD. Ok!.. that’s still not what this is about. Damn!!! focus! focus!

OK! I have my attention now. So, since mimi’s soon going to be 6, I have been telling him about how he’s going to lose his milk teeth and get strong new teeth and that he shouldn’t freak out if a tooth suddenly feel off. His lower right front tooth has been shaking for the last 4 days (I know they have a name, can’t remember now. Wish I had paid more attention in school.) Focus, lady! Focus!!!!

So, this morning, mimi was doing his routine check of ‘what have you given for lunch’ and was very happy to see that his snacks box had his fav., biscuits. SO he ran and hugged me. The impact? The loose tooth feel off.
There is a cute little gap in his teeth and he makes a cute little whistling sound by passing air from that gap. That’s the story of the great gap-sy! Image


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