Google wished me…

…. on my birthday!

Google is an integral part of my working day. Yesterday was my birthday, by the way. Oh! Thank you, thank you for your kind wishes. So I love these doodles that Google does on someone’s birthday, especially the animated ones. So, once I sat down to work I went on Google to check something. And I saw a new doodle.
‘Oh! It’s someone else’s birthday and someone famous’.
So I moved the mouse pointer and guess what I saw ‘Happy Birthday mimismommy’
‘EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ I screamed out loud. The big man got worried for a moment, thinking I fell off the chair or something.

Won’t say more, check out for yourself. Yes of course, I saved a screen shot!
Oh! one last thing. I searched and searched but couldn’t figure out how to send a thank you note to the guys at Google. So here goes: ‘Thanks Google! You really made my birthday special’


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