Rich fruit cake

Yes, yes… I baked some rich fruit cake. It seemed like a perfect way to end the year and begin the next one. Not sure if my cake will last till the last day of this year, though.

I’d like to thank ‘Sailu’s Kitchen‘ for the recipe. It is a tedious process and I did not take any short cuts. I’m normally the kind who’ll find a short cut, but this time I followed the recipe meticulously, including the measurements.


The result is fabulous. The sweetness, the spices, the dried fruits… everything is just perfect. My cakes rise well, but sometimes they just collapse in center or they don’t cook all the way. I’m surprised how well this cake turned out. The batter is quite a large quantity and my oven bakes only one cake at a time. I had to bake the second cake almost after one hour and it turned out well too.

The cake is dense and rich. The recipe is great. This is surely not the last time I’m going to making it. 🙂


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