Oreo Cake

Yes.. you read that right! O-R-E-O cake – A delectable chocolate cake, topped with a frosting made from fresh cream and crushed Oreo biscuits.


Coming to the cake… OMG! I’ve outdone myself this, in my own eyes, that is. The cake is very, very simple. For the first time the instructions called for – “put all ingredients in a mix bowl, mix and bake”. It was a one step cake.
Similar to the butter cream frosting that I made for my multi coloured cake, I’ve had poor results with fresh cream frosting before this time. The frosting I made for this Oreo cake was just out of this world. It was just “whip the fresh cream till it forms soft peaks and then fold in the crushed oreo biscuits”. I added only a couple of tablespoons of sugar as the biscuits were already sweet.

And I learned the trick to get the best whipped cream –  make sure it’s really, really cold before you whip it. In fact I placed the fresh cream in the freezer for about 20-25 minutes before whipping it. And I made this from fresh cream that I collected at home everyday.

Thanks to Rachel from Bakerita.com, that’s were I got this recipe from.

2 1

Like always, I have to work on the finishing to make it look better. I wish I could get hold of all the necessary tools, like a turn table, icing spatula… etc. I hope the Big Man is listening. 😀5


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