Paneer kathi roll

We are a paneer loving family. And in Gurgaon, paneer is like the national food of the city. You will find it in abundance everywhere. It’s easily available, very good quality and richer and creamier than what’s available elsewhere – mainly owing to the fact that it’s made from buffalo’s milk.

Paneer or cottage cheese as it’s known otherwise is basically made by removing all the water/ whey from curdled milk. Then it is pressed to form a block. This is then used to make a variety of dishes ranging from paranthas to sweet dishes to gravy based dishes.

This time I tried the paneer kathi roll. It’s yummy and wholesome. I got the recipe from Everyday Indian Cooking.

I’ve made this before too and The Big Man and I just love how it turns out. It’s better than what is available outside, because it has the home-made flavour.

This is how I made it:

In a bowl  add about 200 gms of crumbled paneer, 2 small boiled potatoes, 1 tsp garam masala, 1 tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp chaat masala, some chopped coriander, salt to taste, 1 tsp red chilli powder. The recipe called for bread crumbs, I substituted it with one slice of bread (this is mainly for the binding).


Mix it well and make cutlet shaped patties


Shallow fry these patties on a girdle / tava and set aside


To make the dip /chutney, blend together few mint leaves, coriander leaves, 1 green chilli and 1 inch piece of ginger along with curd/ yogurt.

IMG_2004 IMG_2013

Now make a dough from whole wheat flour and roll out a roti and cook the roti as usual. Once the roti is made, the roll is ready for assembly. In the original recipe, the patties were made length wise to look like sausages, since I’ve made them round, I cut them to make two semi circle pieces.

On the ready roti, place 4 half patties pieces lenghtwise. On this add some long pieces of onion and cabbage. Pour a couple of spoonful of chutney and finally sprinkle some chaat masala.


Roll the roti and cut it diagonally in the center.

IMG_18951Serve with chutney.

Do try and let me know how it works out.

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  1. Interesting. No onion (but for the last step) or garlic in the patty. Rare for northIndian dish. No tomatoes either. How did mimi like it? Mukund walvekar.

    1. Hi Mukund mama, Mimi ate a little bit only, he’s a total south Indian boy when it comes to eating. He’ll enjoy chitra anna, mosaru anna, vangi bath, puliyogare, idli, dosa any day as compared to chole bhature and paneer butter masala. 😀

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