Cookie time!!!

Yes… it’s cookie time! Chocolate chip cookie time! Only that I did not have chocolate chips, I had to use chocolate vermicelli, also known as chocolate sprinkles, instead – I’ll post a pic to let you know what exactly it looks like. 🙂

But first a picture of the oooohh-ever-so-tasty-and-chewy-cookie-that-reminds-me-of-a-warm-sunny-afternoon-by-the-beach…
That’s exactly how I felt when I took the first bite. Let me show you before there are only little crumbs of the cookie left. Where’s that picture now?? Ah! Got it!


Here’s where I copied the recipe from – Somewhat Simple.

And here’s what chocolate vermicelli looks like.

20140820_130911Cute, no?

So, I’m going back to do some more basking in the sun by the sea side. You folks, stay cool, till we meet again.



    1. LOL! Yes, they do look like little ants. You know Genie, I just realised they are nothing but chocolate sprinkles used to top cup cakes….
      Ha ha ha… I’m feeling silly now! 😀

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