So who is Mimi’s Mommy?

Mimi’s mommy is Mimi’s mommy! But that’s just not it. She’s also a wife, sister, daughter, friend and a Stay-At-Home-Mommy and she’s trying to rediscover herself. She loves baking and keeps trying her hand at different stuff.  She’s a painter, tailor, cook, host and crocheter.  She also loves writing stories, reading comics and day dreaming.

This blog is mostly about her and Mimi, but sometimes she also writes about stuff that makes her think or when she just feels like writing something.

She loves nature and sometimes, she’ll just stop because a little ladybird or butterfly or grasshopper caught her attention. She’ll gaze and it and get captured in it’s natural beauty . She’ll stand in her balcony hours on end in the evenings watching the parrots and sparrows and pigeons fly back home.

She loves the movies! and FRIENDS! – this TV show is by far her favourite.
She lives in her world along with Big Man (her dear husband) and Mimi (her adorable son)

So there! I hope you enjoy your stay on her blog.


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