8! That’s great! Happy Birthday Mimi!!!


July 11th, 2015
8.00 am
Conversation at the breakfast table, while eating Mimi’s favourite breakfast -Poha.

The big man: Another 1.5 hours and Mimi will be  8 years old.
Me: No another 1 hour and 15 mins. He was born at 9.15 am
The big man: No, he was born at 9.25 am, actually 9.26 am.

All this from a man who was standing outside the operation theatre while I was getting cut open inside. Anyhow…. what’s important is it’s Mimi’s birthday today… YAY!! Happy birthday to my little darling. Little?? Hmm.. not really. He’s a little big man, to be precise.

I have to be very careful with my words and actions, it’s not easy to fool him anymore. He can change his mood from happy to crappy in a second, typical of a Cancer sun sign.

He has a sharp and quick sense of humour, typical of a Cancer sun sign, and very typical of his mum. Hey! I need some credit too… 🙂 🙂 😀

He’s a Lego freak. One has to be very watchful while walking around the house, lest you step on one of the pieces. And trust me, it won’t be there by accident, but Mimi would have put it there as a part of his game.

He’s growing tall… like his dad… let’s give the big man some credit too… 🙂

Here’s wishing a long and healthy life, Mimi..

Once again, Happy Birthday, Mimi!!!


Feeling better…

Just writing down your feelings makes you feel better.

I wrote the previous post and then went and looked at the image in my header. Roses!! 100 beautiful red roses! Sent by the hubby on our anniversary! We were in two different cities that day… awwwww……

Feeling better… glee!
ETA: I’ve changed the header and theme and all that… so I’m leaving a picture of the 100 roses that were sent to me..

Diwali ’11

Waiting for Diwali is like waiting for your birthday. You wait the whole year and then ‘BANG’ it’s gone in a jiffy.
But, its a different story that I don’t wait for birthdays anymore, because they bring news of you getting older. On the other hand, it also means my son is growing up. You see, I have this wierd habit of straying from the topic. So, shall we go back to Diwali.

This was our first Diwali outside Bangalore, away from home, in our new home. 🙂
It was a memorable one. I have to thank GOD that I had a couple of friends with me and some very nice neighbours who helped make our Diwali really bright and happy.

I hadn’t seen so many lights during Diwali, before. Everyone (almost) decorates their balconies with serial lights.
The shopping malls and all shops are bursting at the seems with people. Shopping, shopping and more shopping. Not to mention, eating and more eating.
Being in an apartment complex has some plus points. The evening of Diwali saw everyone come down in the garden area and there was a grand display of fireworks.

Leaving you with some pictures.

Carnival at Mimi’s school

Last week Mimi’s school held a carnival for the kids and family members. It was a fun event with nice activities and games for both kids and family. I won a game and got a ‘Smiley’ pin for my collar.

Some memories through the lens…

Picture 27404

Mimi’s play area.. which he loves

Picture 27408

fishing the rubber duck out of the pond… Mimi promptly picked up the duck with his hand and put it in the net… smart boy, or what?

Picture 27413 Picture 27415

ssupppper/spider/balloon/king man.. all in one super hero!!