2011- The year that was

2011 was an eventful year. We moved homes, we moved cities. It was a big change and a beginning to a new start. I learnt a lot from this new city we moved to. I’ve become more assertive and aggressive. ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’, they say. That rule applied to me very aptly.

I’ve never been an aggressive person, but if you are not assertive here, even a leaf will not turn. That’s how the lifestyle is here. But the city has welcomed us with open arms and gave us a warm place to live in. It accepted us well. Thank you, Gurgaon.

Mimi turned four in 2011 and there was a sea change in the little chap. He’s grown up overnight. Grown taller and stronger and more mischievous but still has the loving twinkle in his eyes that greet you with an innocence that will disarm you. He’s got lots of homework these days. I hope he grows up to be a good student and more sensible human being.

The husband also saw a change in himself after we came to this city. He’s more confident of himself now.

I hope…

… that 2012 brings more joy and happiness in our lives. I want Peace most of all. God has given me everything I need to live well, I only pray for peace. I want to finish this post with an array of assorted pictures. Enjoy!

The view from our gallery in summer…

… and in winter. Yes! That’s fog! Or Frog, as Mimi calls it.

Gurgaon is a bird watcher’s paradise. I’ve heard there is a bird sanctuary also nearby. I’m yet to visit it. You can find all sorts of birds here and it makes me happy to see them. I don’t know which bird is in the first picture. The second picture has some parrots that visited us one morning. They were so noisy, but beautiful.

That’s Mimi, when it got to cold to even move a finger.

 That’s him monkeying around.

He got angry with me and decided to sulk under the wash basin.