Just adoring….

…. my old set of crochet hooks!


And just admiring my new set of crochet hooks…


…in their cute little pouch.


Just loving them all….
Now my hands are just getting fidgety!!!


These are my favourite spots…

… where I like to crochet.

The first is out in my balcony, where the winter sun keeps me warm. My garden is small, but it’s special.

It’s special because lovely bright orange coloured hibiscus flowers bloom everyday and lots of pretty butterflies and pigeons visit my garden everyday.

And when it’s not possible to crochet out in the balcony I plop myself in front of the TV on the sofa.

By the way, this post was made for the ongoing Panchival (5th anniversary festival) of SAARC (south Asian crafters group) from Ravelry.

Catch you soon!!


Hot from the crochet oven

It’s been a while since my crochet oven worked. I was part a KAL /CAL (Knit ALong / Crochet ALong – something where everyone starts on a project at the same time) on ravelry that called for projects with mohair or laceweight yarn. I had some fingering weight yarn that had been calling out to me for a while. So I jumped right in for the CAL. And I’m totally thrilled at what I made. Here are the pictures. The shawl needs to be blocked and tussles need to be added. But I was too excited to wait before sharing it here.

And it has been made for someone special. Can’t reveal now. Once it’s all done and given to the lady, I’ll click more pictures and update you. Watch this space for more…………

Hot from the crochet oven

Hey all… how have you been?
Am good, am good…. Winter’s setting… no! it’s set in. And brrrrr…. all the woollies are out. Socks, shawls, scarves, mitts, sweaters, mufflers and caps/hats… all of them.

So my crochet oven’s been working overtime. Want to see the goodies??

This is a shawlette I made for a friend.

Small purses I made as Diwali gifts.

This muffler was made for my neighbour in Gurgaon. A very nice friend…

My first project that included handles and lining. I was very happy about the outcome.

My first sewing project: a mobile phone case made with Mimi’s old denim trousers. It has padding of poly fill between the outer cover and inner lining.

I was so thrilled with this project….


Hot from the crochet oven

Its been soooo long since I did an update on my crochet. So here goes, this post is a round up of what my hookie adventures.

Amigurumi CAL.
The SAARC team at Ravelry had a Amigurumi Crochet Along. I was happy to be a part of it and made these two special Amis. This one’s called
Dr. Luv

And this one’s called ‘Mr. Red Hot Pants’.

This year’s winter is going to be my first encounter with extreme cold weather and I’m excited. So I’ve been busy making some wearables for the whole family.

A beanie for Mimi and the husband.


Mittens for mom

Waistcoat for my sister.. actually its a surprise for her b’day. Its a different story that her birthday is long gone and also that she might be reading this now.. So sis, if you are reading this.. SURPRISE!
I used this colour combination becuase I’ve seen you use that black and red sweater for so many years. I hope you like it.

ETA: I spoke to my sis who got her waist coat just today (Sep 11) and it fits her sooooo well… sniff! I’m so happy

I’m making another waistcoat for my dear niece, but that’s still WIP. So it’ll probably feature in my next crochet post.

Hair band… for a pretty young girl I know.

All the designs have been picked up from different websites. I wish I had remembered to save the links. I cant seem to find where I got them from, but I’d like to thank all the wonderful people who shared their work so we could reproduce the wonderful pieces of crochet.


Hot from the crochet oven

Its been long since I posted about my needles and yarn. So here goes….

First up is a pullover for a friend. I got the design from Ravelry and though it took me a long time to crochet it, I had fun doing it, more so because I know the receipiant will appreciate my work and it was my first pullover.

Next up is a bag which I made as a part of the Ravelry CAL / KAL (Crochet ALong / Knit ALong). Everyone who joins the groups makes the same object (this time the theme was bags). Next is going to be Amigurumi (watch this space for more). I was not very happy with the bag that I made because I realised I had gone all wrong in counting the number of stitches, while I way into the project and it was too late to redo everything. But its ok, I can use it to carry library books or something of that sort. 🙂

Yes, yes.. the colours are crazy. But this project was also a stash buster, as in finish the little bits of remaining yarn from my stash. 🙂

Finally, my favourtie – IPod cozy. Its so cute, so easy and so fast to make. I made two – one for a friend and another for a little girl who lives opposite to our home. I have to thank Sara for the pattern. I had so much fun making these.

Crochet is such a stress buster these days – what with the heat and the busy routine and work.,etc. Finally I leave you with a picture of Mimi made by Mimi.

The bit that looks like his neck is supposed to be his stomach. That’s the artists version. So, don’t argue. 😛

needles.. more needles..

Yay! I’m so happy. My cousin who’s come down from the US got me a set of bamboo crochet needles. They are just sooooo wonderful.

It was so kind of him to get me this set. I requested him to order them on There are 13 needles ranging from 3.00mm to 12.00 mm.

Aaaah! I cant stop ooohing and aaahing about them. Thanks again, cousin P! Leaving you with some pics.

Hot from the crochet oven…

My hands have been busy for a long time.. crocheting, that is! I made a beanie cap for my mom. I’m looking for the pattern and no matter how much I search, I’m unable to find the link to the website from where I got it. But I’d like to thank the kind lady who shared her pattern for this hat. I’ve not copied it stitch to stitch and I’ve made a few alterations here and there. All in all its a good hat and mom loved it.

Next on list was Fingerless mittens that I got from the kind lady here. I was not a fan of fingerless mittens till I realised how easy they are to make and how cool they look. They also seem to be the ‘in’ thing now.

Also, with the onset of winter in Bangalore, my sister wanted a scarf. I got the ‘neat ripple pattern’ from Lucy of Attic24.  And voila! what can I say, my sister loved the result…

The Bangalore Ravelry girls’ revelry.

WOW! I’m yet to recover from today afternoon’s meet. The Bangalore Ravelry girls meet. I was soooo nervous yet excited about how it would be to meet a whole group of new people, the only common thing between us being the love for knitting and crochet.

Thanks to Ravelry, I met and made so many new friends today. We met at a nice, cozy cafe on M.G. Road. As I opened the door to get in, my heart was in my mouth. I was worried how to find this group of ladies when I’ve never even met or spoken to anyone before. I don’t know how, but my steps led me straight to the table where they were seated. Surprised? I was too.

Imagine if I had gone to someone else and introduced my self, they’d have said ‘huh? Ok! So?’.

But I got the expected response. ‘Haaaiiii, how are you? Welcome’ Handshakes, smiles and 2 seconds later I felt like I knew them from ages.

As time passed many more ravelers walked in and there were many more handshakes and welcome smiles. I had no idea where those two hours that we spent together went. There was chattering, talking nineteen to a dozen, eating, drinking and of course, more chattering. All in between laughs and clicking pictures.

Everyone had little tidbits to share about what they were working on, where we can get good yarn and when we should meet again. Yay! I’m already so thrilled that I’ll be meeting my new friends again, soon.

I wish I had taken my camera along, maybe next time I’ll treat you to some pictures too! 🙂