Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month -April 2011

As a parent to a almost-4 year old boy, Child Sexual Abuse has been a worry in my mind for a long time now. It surfaces every now and then when I read articles/ news items in the paper or see it on TV.

Its a bad thing and NO! it doesn’t happen only to girls. Boys are equal targets too. I’ve always tried to keep my blog chirpy and light, not because I want it that  way, but because I always shied away from writing about serious stuff. But not this time. As a parent I have to go that extra mile to ensure that my boy gets a good childhood and grows up to be a sensible adult.

Thanks to The Mad Momma, I’m sharing a few of her do’s and dont’s

- Don’t push your child to hug or kiss visitors, be they friends or family. A simple hello should suffice. Insisting that they allow strangers to touch them makes it difficult for the child to draw the line when they are uncomfortable or trust their gut and easy for a stranger to cop a feel.

– Never encourage games of hide and seek or dark room etc with children who are older and will be able to force themselves on younger ones.

– Drop in unannounced if the children are with otherwise trusted people in another part of the house/garden. It’s always best to keep an eye no matter how trusted people are.

– Safety in numbers. If you plan  to leave the children with a driver ,  ensure that a maid or someone else goes along.

– Teach your child to say No, if they don’t like something being done to them, no matter how innocent. And please honour that No so that the child builds up their confidence to say it.

– Also, remember, there is no shame.  We’re not the ones who should be ashamed. The perpetrators are. 


I wish to add a few of my points.

– Always keep an eye on your little one. No matter how important you other work is, your child is more important. If there is damage on your child’s life, it cannot be rectified. Everything else can wait.

– Start teaching/repeating the ‘good touch and bad touch’. It may take a while, but they will soon understand.


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