One day in the hospital…

… is enough to give you a wake up call. It’s enough to make you realise that you take your body for granted and that it needs more love and care. It’s enough to make you realise that you love your loved ones more than you think you love them. It’s enough to give you an insight on the kinds of people that visit the hospital.

It’s enough to make you realise that a hospital is nothing but a workshop where we go to service our parts. A day is all it takes to realise that not all doctors work as per their Hippocratic Oath and that the medical frat has some worms which work only for money. That a hospital will sometimes make it sound like you are more sick than you actually are, so that it can earn some more money. That it will intentionally make you wait longer so they can charge you more.

One day is enough to make you realise you have more physical strength and less emotional strength than you thought you actually had. It can make you weak in the knees seeing your loved one lying helpless and it can make you stay awake for nights, without getting tired. One day is enough to let you know the variety of emotions you can go through in just a matter of minutes – when you go to meet the doctor incharge. There’s not just fear and worry, there’s anger, anxiety, relief, empathy, sympathy, helplessness, guilty, hatred, irritation, nervousness and annoyance.

That one day, you are on the phone every minute giving updates to your worried family members who stay far away. You are on the phone calling your family doctor and relative doctor, taking a second or third opinion, asking and confirming if the hospital is doing the right thing. That one day, you are more or less a call center.

One day in the hospital will make you realise how long a minute can be and how long a wait for the test result can be.

One day in the hospital is enough to make you realise how important it is to have manpower with you, behind you. That one day, you will know who really cares for you

One day in the hospital….



Happy Birthday, Mimi!

You are 6 today.

6! 6!… keep saying it and it really sounds like a big number. Just like you’ve started showing signs of growing from a small child to a young boy. Your questions are different. Your answers are different. Some times you back answer as if trying to show that you are an individual by yourself and sometimes you follow me like a mouse as if you couldn’t do without me.

You are now in grade 1. It can be tough to get you to sit down for your homework sometimes, but once you sit down you finish off your work quickly. Your spellings are not so great, but I guess you’ll soon get there. But you love doing math. ūüôā

Your friends love playing with you and you are a compassionate friend who will play along with what ever others say. But will come later to me with a sad face and say ‘They only do what they want and don’t let me have my way’. The most I can tell you is to play with someone with whom you enjoy playing, no matter who takes the lead. I do hope you make some friends who will be for keeps.
You are not possessive about your toys and will easily share even the most precious toy in your toy box, with your pals. And it won’t worry you if they break it. You’ll just come up to me and say ‘Galti se toot gaya’. Well, what can I say?

Your dad and I are very happy that you have a thing for sports. You love playing all games, be it cricket, badminton, table tennis, football or hockey. I was telling your dad that it’s time to get you into a proper training class for a sport.
Oh! How could I forget that you are already very good at skating and did your school proud when you won a gold medal at an inter-school skating competition.

Hmmm what else..?? Yes! You love making cards and drawing. Here’s a photo of the card you made for ‘father’s day’. It’s a different story that ‘mother’s day’ was not even mentioned by someone (a.k.a your dad). Hmph! Anyway, the way you shower me with your hugs, kisses and love… everyday is a mother’s day for me.
2013-06-17 11.19.28

2013-06-17 11.19.43a

The drawings are explained here: Top left is a pizza in a box. A very, very colourful box. Just below that is a heart. Bottom left is a drawing of dad and son sleeping. On the right hand top is a sketch which has been crossed out because it came out all wrong. The next drawings are dad playing cricket and the last one is dad doing his favourite pass time- watching TV. Finally, that’s a traffic signal but I can’t remember why a traffic signal was placed there.

You can make us laugh as effortlessly as you can break into a giggle. And you can make some kick ass inventions.
Take this alarm for example.
You tied a skipping rope around the bedroom door handle and told me that when I have to wake you up in the morning, I am to bang the door really hard, so that the skipping rope handles will clank against the door and you will wake up to that sound.
I don’t who will wake up first – you dad with a fright, you after the melodious clanking of the skipping rope handles against the door or our house owner who’s far away (who’ll probably not be able to sleep at all knowing that we were banging his house doors just to wake up one another)

A couple of  mimi-ism:
We were just coming back home after a walk. You and I reached home a little faster than your dad.
Me: Where is your dad?
Mimi: Phone se latak rahe hai

{Translation: Dad is hanging from his phone. Apparently dad was listening to music on his phone you used the ‘latak rahe hai’ cause it was looking like dad was hanging from his phone}


Mimi: Amma, from now on you will refer to me as ‘dadaji’ and I will respond to you by calling you ‘naniji’
Me: Laughing out loud to even react

But we did try this and it was fun for a while
Me: Dadaji, lunch is ready
Mimi: Ok Naniji, I’m coming

Me: Dadaji, move it now, come for your bath
Mimi: Not now, naniji, I’m watching TV

Me: Dadaji, if you are done with your business on the pot, please wash up and come out
Mimi: Naniji, can you please wash my bum???
{*With all due respect to all the dadajis and nanijis in the world, no offense was meant}


For your birthday, we decided (read ‘convinced you’) to have a private celebration. And you agreed. So your dad and I got a cake and a present for your birthday. When you got back from school, I was ready with a treasure hunt game for you to lead you upto your cake and present. Here is the sequence of clues for your hunt.

Clue no 1. Go to skates cupboard


The clue that he found in the skates cupboard said Go to the Fridge


Here’s where the cake was hidden. We ate the cake and then we turned over the clue found in the fridge


It said, Check behind the clock

The clue hidden behind the clock had a picture of the A/C


Hidden next to the A/C was the birthday present

7You’ve grown fond of the ‘transformers’, seen the movie and loved it. So we thought this year, we’ll buy you a couple of transformer robots. Needless to say, you’re in love with them already. {p.s. I myself love Optimus Prime}


Finally a picture of the cake…. 9

Before I close this post, I just want to wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness, peace of mind and the strength to face tough times and emerge out of them with more confidence and courage to face further challenges.
Most of all, may you be blessed with the ability to know what is right and wrong. May you grow up to be a good human being and a kind gentleman.

Happy birthday, my love…..

You know you are really missing Bangalore…

… when you start making the savouries available in all Iyengar bakeries, at home!!!
The big man’s been in a nostalgic mood and we’ve been trying our hand at making murukku, kodbale and congress kadalekai.

I remembered that I had forgotten to click pictures of the murukku after we had polished off the last pieces.
But I remembered to take pictures of kodbale and congress kadalekai.
Enjoy maadi!!


2013-05-21 11.59.29 2013-05-21 11.59.53 2013-05-19 16.29.55 2013-05-19 16.30.04

Our first picnic

Our first picnic in Delhi was a visit to the zoo. We visited the zoo last week and had a wonderful time. It was packed with people but I guess that means the animals are at a safe distance and the earlier people haven’t been eaten by the animals already. So, our journey began with getting into the metro rail at Huda City Center. We got off at Central Secretariat and caught an auto rickshaw from there to the zoo.

It was lunch time when we entered the zoo. We stopped for a bite at the zoo canteen, which was OK. Lot of options to choose from and looked decent.

We entered the zoo and began our journey of visiting the animals. It was Mimi’s first zoo experience and he was excited to see all the animals. Right from the ducks to the elephants. I think he was most excited to see the giraffe who was eating off a huge tray that was suspended from a tree.

I won’t describe too much and keep you waiting. Let the pictures tell you the rest of the story.

005 011 012 013 014 019


I believe I got some good shots of the peacock.

024 025 026 027

The lion was far away and this was the best shot we got after zooming all the way on the camera

031 037

The majestic white tiger045




After the zoo, we found out that India Gate was at a very short distance. So we decided to visit the monument too. Another auto rickshaw drive and we were at India Gate. Unfortunately there were barricades due to recent protests and we had to see the monument from a distance. 059

But it looked so beautiful even from far off.

Hopefully we will be able to make time to visit other places around this beautiful city.

Hot from the crochet oven

It’s been a while since my crochet oven worked. I was part a KAL /CAL (Knit ALong / Crochet ALong – something where everyone starts on a project at the same time) on ravelry that called for projects with mohair or laceweight yarn. I had some fingering weight yarn that had been calling out to me for a while. So I jumped right in for the CAL. And I’m totally thrilled at what I made. Here are the pictures. The shawl needs to be blocked and tussles need to be added. But I was too excited to wait before sharing it here.

And it has been made for someone special. Can’t reveal now. Once it’s all done and given to the lady, I’ll click more pictures and update you. Watch this space for more…………

Ganesh Chaturthi

We celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi yesterday. It brought back a lot of memories from childhood. When we were young, we’d go to everyone’s house where a Ganesh idol was kept and take darshan. It was said that we should visit 101 homes where Ganesha was kept. Imagine coming back with booty from 101 homes… sweets, coconut, fruits, flowers, dry fruits etc etc. We’d be wearing new clothes and all the young girls would have flowers in their hair.

And did you know… you are not supposed to look at the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi. Why you ask? The story goes thus…
Lord Ganesh was traveling on his Mooshika Vahana (the mouse that she sits on), and visiting all his devotees homes on this day. At each house he ate all the yummy sweets offered by his devotees. He ate and he ate and he ate… this led to an over full and bloated tummy. So back on his mouse, the little guy could hardly carry his master’s weight. Ganesha fell down. The crescent moon began laughing uncontrollably, looking at Ganesha fall down.
Ganesha got angry and pulled out one of his tusks and threw it at the moon and said ‘Anyone who looks at you on this day shall be deemed as a thief’.

So, one should not look at the moon. And as usual, like every year, I looked a the moon last night too. Boo!

Anyway, we had a nice lunch yesterday. Leaving you with some pictures.

Don’t miss the yummy modaks – thanks to hubby who made them. They were definitely extra tasty.

Hmm… happy to be back with blogging!!!


2011- The year that was

2011 was an eventful year. We moved homes, we moved cities. It was a big change and a beginning to a new start.¬†I learnt a lot from this new city we moved to. I’ve become more assertive and aggressive. ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’, they say. That rule applied to me very aptly.

I’ve never been an aggressive person, but if you are not assertive here, even a leaf will not turn. That’s how the lifestyle is here. But the city has welcomed us with open arms and gave us a warm place to live in. It accepted us well. Thank you, Gurgaon.

Mimi turned four in 2011 and there was a sea change in the little chap. He’s grown up overnight. Grown taller and stronger and more mischievous but still has the loving twinkle in his eyes that greet you with an innocence that will disarm you. He’s got lots of homework these days. I hope he grows up to be a good student and more sensible human being.

The husband also saw a change in himself after we came to this city. He’s more confident of himself now.

I hope…

… that 2012 brings more joy and happiness in our lives. I want Peace most of all. God has given me everything I need to live well, I only pray for peace. I want to finish this post with an array of assorted pictures. Enjoy!

The view from our gallery in summer…

… and in winter. Yes! That’s fog! Or Frog, as Mimi calls it.

Gurgaon is a bird watcher’s paradise.¬†I’ve heard there is a bird sanctuary also nearby. I’m yet to visit it.¬†You can find all sorts of birds here and¬†it makes me happy to see them. I don’t know which bird is in the first picture. The second picture has some¬†parrots that visited us one morning. They were so noisy, but beautiful.

That’s¬†Mimi, when it got to cold to¬†even move a finger.

¬†That’s him monkeying around.

He got angry with me and decided to sulk under the wash basin.


Random Ramblings

So, how have you all been? Its been long since I blogged ad today being the last Sunday of 2011, I thought I should blog. But I dont have a story. So I’m just going to update you on the random things that are happening around me.

To begin with, we’ve been braving some new lows in the temperature front. Gurgaon has touched almost 2 degrees centigrade in the last week. This is our first extreme winter and wow! are we having some “cool” fun. There are woolens all over the place. Mimi’s covered all the time. Gloves, socks, cap, 3 shirts and a sweater with 2 pairs of trousers.

Talking of Mimi, I must tell you about how he’s become my little helper in the kitchen. He wants to help me with everything. Be it chopping the veggies, putting things back into the fridge or even making chapatis. I’m glad he’s developed this new habit.

My hubby’s already dreaming that’ll he be a big chef someday. Oh yeah! Let’s see if the handy helper role holds good for the next coupl’a weeks.

Mimi’s also been singing away to glory. Every waking minute is spent in singing. Two songs are topping the charts. One is ‘Jana Gana Mana’, out national anthem and the other is ‘Jingle Bells’. This is along with the hindi version, which goes like this ‘Ghanti bajao, ghanti bajao, aaya Santa claus’.

And they had a healthy food week at school last week. So before every meal, Mimi’s been asking me ‘Mom, is this healthy food?’I’m happy on one end that he’s conscious about his eating habits, but on the other end I can’t order that pizza on a lazy day.

Here are some pictures of Mimi. That thing that looks like a face is the first chapati / roti that Mimi made. I’m amazed at the shape it took. The one with the red coat is his school uniform. And the other one is how he’s dolled up at home.

The schools are closed for winter. 3 weeks of no waking up early in the morning. Bliss!

I’ve been very busy with crochet. But that deserves a separate post.


I was first introduced to TINTIN when I was about 8 years old by my 2 cousin brothers. They were huge fans of the Captain and it din’t take me long to follow them. Holidays meant TINTIN and more of TINTIN. It hardly took any more time for my dad, mom and sister to become TINTIN fans. We were all so crazy that over the years we managed to purchase all the books there were, of his adventures.

And over the last couple of months I managed to get Mimi hooked on to TINTIN. The timing of the movie couldn’t have been better. We went to watch the movie today in 3d. And I had such a fantastic time watching it. The movie has a little bit from several of his stories. There’s Red Rackham’s Treasure and The Secret of the Unicorn. Of course these are actually part I and part II. But there is also Ben Salaad from The crab with Golden Claws and the ever famous Bianca Castafiore.

A few twists and turns which you won’t find in the orginal stories make it more interesting. Oh yes!¬†I forgot about the Thompson twins, with a ‘p’ as in psychology. They were their usual silly selves.

It was Mimi’s first 3d experience and he enjoyed it thoroughly. Those who’ve not seen it already, try and catch it as soon as you can.

{Image courtesy:}