Ganesh Chaturthi

We celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi yesterday. It brought back a lot of memories from childhood. When we were young, we’d go to everyone’s house where a Ganesh idol was kept and take darshan. It was said that we should visit 101 homes where Ganesha was kept. Imagine coming back with booty from 101 homes… sweets, coconut, fruits, flowers, dry fruits etc etc. We’d be wearing new clothes and all the young girls would have flowers in their hair.

And did you know… you are not supposed to look at the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi. Why you ask? The story goes thus…
Lord Ganesh was traveling on his Mooshika Vahana (the mouse that she sits on), and visiting all his devotees homes on this day. At each house he ate all the yummy sweets offered by his devotees. He ate and he ate and he ate… this led to an over full and bloated tummy. So back on his mouse, the little guy could hardly carry his master’s weight. Ganesha fell down. The crescent moon began laughing uncontrollably, looking at Ganesha fall down.
Ganesha got angry and pulled out one of his tusks and threw it at the moon and said ‘Anyone who looks at you on this day shall be deemed as a thief’.

So, one should not look at the moon. And as usual, like every year, I looked a the moon last night too. Boo!

Anyway, we had a nice lunch yesterday. Leaving you with some pictures.

Don’t miss the yummy modaks – thanks to hubby who made them. They were definitely extra tasty.

Hmm… happy to be back with blogging!!!