Cookie time!!!

Yes… it’s cookie time! Chocolate chip cookie time! Only that I did not have chocolate chips, I had to use chocolate vermicelli, also known as chocolate sprinkles, instead – I’ll post a pic to let you know what exactly it looks like. 🙂

But first a picture of the oooohh-ever-so-tasty-and-chewy-cookie-that-reminds-me-of-a-warm-sunny-afternoon-by-the-beach…
That’s exactly how I felt when I took the first bite. Let me show you before there are only little crumbs of the cookie left. Where’s that picture now?? Ah! Got it!


Here’s where I copied the recipe from – Somewhat Simple.

And here’s what chocolate vermicelli looks like.

20140820_130911Cute, no?

So, I’m going back to do some more basking in the sun by the sea side. You folks, stay cool, till we meet again.


Paneer kathi roll

We are a paneer loving family. And in Gurgaon, paneer is like the national food of the city. You will find it in abundance everywhere. It’s easily available, very good quality and richer and creamier than what’s available elsewhere – mainly owing to the fact that it’s made from buffalo’s milk.

Paneer or cottage cheese as it’s known otherwise is basically made by removing all the water/ whey from curdled milk. Then it is pressed to form a block. This is then used to make a variety of dishes ranging from paranthas to sweet dishes to gravy based dishes.

This time I tried the paneer kathi roll. It’s yummy and wholesome. I got the recipe from Everyday Indian Cooking.

I’ve made this before too and The Big Man and I just love how it turns out. It’s better than what is available outside, because it has the home-made flavour.

This is how I made it:

In a bowl  add about 200 gms of crumbled paneer, 2 small boiled potatoes, 1 tsp garam masala, 1 tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp chaat masala, some chopped coriander, salt to taste, 1 tsp red chilli powder. The recipe called for bread crumbs, I substituted it with one slice of bread (this is mainly for the binding).


Mix it well and make cutlet shaped patties


Shallow fry these patties on a girdle / tava and set aside


To make the dip /chutney, blend together few mint leaves, coriander leaves, 1 green chilli and 1 inch piece of ginger along with curd/ yogurt.

IMG_2004 IMG_2013

Now make a dough from whole wheat flour and roll out a roti and cook the roti as usual. Once the roti is made, the roll is ready for assembly. In the original recipe, the patties were made length wise to look like sausages, since I’ve made them round, I cut them to make two semi circle pieces.

On the ready roti, place 4 half patties pieces lenghtwise. On this add some long pieces of onion and cabbage. Pour a couple of spoonful of chutney and finally sprinkle some chaat masala.


Roll the roti and cut it diagonally in the center.

IMG_18951Serve with chutney.

Do try and let me know how it works out.

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Our Growing Edge – March 2014

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Happy Cooking!

Multi coloured cake

I’ve had a great day today doing my favourite thing in the kitchen – baking!

I baked a multi coloured cake.
Have a look see…

IMG_1888I made it complete with icing using a simple recipe of butter cream icing. Never has my icing come out so well. Either it used to be very watery or the butter used to split. The bottom most layer is brown – got by adding cocoa powder, the next layer is orange and top most layer is green – both got by adding a few drops of food colour.

If you’d see me now I’m smiling ear to ear….

More images of the glorious cake.

IMG_1879IMG_1880Mimi was overjoyed and wanted to pose with a slice of cake


Choco-Vanilla cup cakes

I’ve had my eyes set on this rainbow cake for while now, but have never had the courage or patience to try it. But I took a baby step and made cup cakes with only two colours – chocolate and vanilla / plain. Though in the original recipe, they made separate cakes for each colour, I poured the chocolate batter on the vanilla batter in my version.

Outside and inside view of the cupcake

Outside and inside view of the cupcake

Now that they’ve turned out well, I hope to make rainbow cupcakes… soon!

And I’ll let you in on a secret here – I didn’t have those paper cups in which you make the cup cakes, so I just used disposable paper cups – in which you drink tea and coffee. I just greased it a bit before adding the batter and conveniently tore off the paper cup before devouring the cake.

The recipe for the cake is taken from the same you tube link given above. Thanks to Cookies, cupcakes and cardio for this awesome idea. Rainbow cake… you’ll soon be baking in my  oven!!!

Stuffed pooris

Winter holidays are here and it’s a challenge making something new everyday to feed the little boy. With the aim of making something new and interesting I tried making pooris in different shapes, that were cut using a cookie cutter, and had a little stuffing made from potatoes, sweet corn, peas, carrot, salt and pepper.
Words straight from the horse’s mouth… ‘Amma! These are super! 100% super!’


Pooris are a very popular dish in India. They are made from whole wheat flour. A dough is made by mixing whole wheat flour and water. I add a pinch of salt while making the dough, for taste.  The dough is rolled out into thin circles and deep fried.
There are many varients of  pooris. While some keep it simple (like the one I’ve made here), you can add carom seeds or a little finely chopped fenugreek leaves. Some people add pureed spinach while making the dough. These will lend yummy, green coloured, very healthy pooris.
Another varient is where the dough has only ‘all the purpose flour’. In this recipe, you mix the flour with yogurt instead of water and leave it sometime before making the pooris. The outcome is some yummy tasting ‘batura’.

Pooris are accompanied by gravies of all kinds. Potato gravy, mix veg gravy (I’ve made my version here) or chick pea gravy.
Since my version was a quick fix snack, I served it with tomato ketchup.

My recipe is quite simple, really. I mixed:
1 small mashed potato
1/4 cup boiled sweet corn
1/4 cup boiled peas
1/4 grated carrot.
salt and pepper to taste.


Roll out the dough. I used the cookie cutters and made 2 pieces of each shape. I have 6 different shapes. I put a little stuffing between two pieces and pressed the sides and then deep fried it in hot oil.


IMG_1875 IMG_1915

I think these will make wonderful tiffin snacks too. I can think of so many other stuffing suggestions – paneer (cottage cheese), onion and carrot, cabbage and carrot, just peas and potato…..

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Rich fruit cake

Yes, yes… I baked some rich fruit cake. It seemed like a perfect way to end the year and begin the next one. Not sure if my cake will last till the last day of this year, though.

I’d like to thank ‘Sailu’s Kitchen‘ for the recipe. It is a tedious process and I did not take any short cuts. I’m normally the kind who’ll find a short cut, but this time I followed the recipe meticulously, including the measurements.


The result is fabulous. The sweetness, the spices, the dried fruits… everything is just perfect. My cakes rise well, but sometimes they just collapse in center or they don’t cook all the way. I’m surprised how well this cake turned out. The batter is quite a large quantity and my oven bakes only one cake at a time. I had to bake the second cake almost after one hour and it turned out well too.

The cake is dense and rich. The recipe is great. This is surely not the last time I’m going to making it. 🙂


Bharleli vangi (Stuffed brinjal)

If you’ve followed or read my blog posts, you’ll know that we are a family of foodies. Trying new recipes at home is one of our (yes, Big Man also likes trying new dishes) hobbies. But it’s mainly me who does the trying out. Big Man only throws in the ideas…

I’ve tried several recipes of stuffed brinjal, but the one I made yesterday has been the best so far. The gravy was creamy and rich and the mix of all the spices was just amazing. It was so good, that Mimi, who is a little fussy with new foods, also ate and asked for me. That’s like THE biggest compliment.

I got the recipe from here.

There seems to be a problem with the site, Here’s the full URL

It tasted great with hot chapatis and rice. What more, it tasted even better when I ate some left over today….


You know you are really missing Bangalore…

… when you start making the savouries available in all Iyengar bakeries, at home!!!
The big man’s been in a nostalgic mood and we’ve been trying our hand at making murukku, kodbale and congress kadalekai.

I remembered that I had forgotten to click pictures of the murukku after we had polished off the last pieces.
But I remembered to take pictures of kodbale and congress kadalekai.
Enjoy maadi!!


2013-05-21 11.59.29 2013-05-21 11.59.53 2013-05-19 16.29.55 2013-05-19 16.30.04

Chocolate-chip-cookies! Yes, please!

I’ve tried cookies before and failed miserably. I found a neat recipe that looked simple too. Worth another shot, I thought. And wow… I’m still not able to believe that I got the most perfect cookies I’ve ever made.

Thanks to Annie of Annie’s eats for her Giant Double Chocolate cookies recipe. I did make some changes. I did not add eggs and instead of choco chips, I added coarsely chopped slab of bitter chocolate that had been in my fridge for a while now. Also, I did not have dark cocoa powder, just used the regular cocoa powder.

What I loved the most was the moist melted bitter chocolate that gives you that sudden-bitter-taste in the mouth. Yummmmy!

My friend took a bite and said ‘Chuck your day job, this is your true calling’. I think that is a fantastic compliment. 🙂 Of course, the Big man begging me to make more of these cookies is the best compliment ever.

Drool on…