Happy Birthday, Mimi!

Dear Mimi,

You’re 7 today! Wow! It’s sounds like such a big number. Of course! It’s a big number. I can’t believe you are 7 and I still remember the day in the hospital, the day you were born.

Baby, you are now transitioning into a big boy from a small boy. On second thoughts maybe I shouldn’t start the sentence with the word ‘baby’. 🙂

On this special day, I wish you get the best of everything. My biggest wish for you is that you grow to be a thorough gentleman. Everything else will follow….


Have a great  year ahead. This time, I’m going to share some of your Mimi’isms’ for your birthday post. Enjoy!



Mimi: Amma, who’s a scientist
Me: He’s one who does experiments and works in the lab and blah, blah, blah…
Mimi: Ok! So a scientist is one who ‘tests’ ‘science’ as in ‘scien’  ‘test’, right?
Me: Of course, child! That’s the correct answer…


Mimi: Where are our kidneys?
Me: pointing to my hip
Mimi: I think kids have their kidneys in their knees – that’s why they are called as ‘kid’ ‘neys’
Me: Silence

There are many, many more, but they deserves a special post, no?


A card for mother’s day you made at school



Love you lots…. amma





God made man because…


Mimi: Amma, why did God make mosquitoes?
They come near me and say bzzzzzz and try to bite me

Me: hmmm…

Mimi: Amma! Is that why God made man?
So that he could kill those mosquitoes?

Me: :: eyes wide open, Laughing out loud::

So, now you know why you are here.
Gotta go, a mosquito’s buzzing somewhere.


Mimi update

Its been long since I wrote about mimi. Firstly, he turned 3 on July 11. I’ve still got to write a post on that… so much to do, so little time…

Anyway, now Mimi can use the loo on his own. Small job only. He still needs me for the big job. He’ll wait till he cant wait anymore and he’ll come running to me ‘Amma…. susu, susu…’ He’ll be standing there crossing his legs. (what a sight that is!) Calm and composed amma says ‘run, run to the loo’.

He’ll obidiently run, pull his pants down and finish his job. Then he’ll walk back to me with his undies still at his ankles. Apparently he can’t find the picture on the front of the undies so he does not how to put it back up. I help him and say ‘Go back and flush, baby’. Mimi runs back, quickly flushes and covers his ears. He does not like the sound of the flush… 🙂


Have you seen that cadbury’s 5star ad? The one with ‘Suresh and Ramesh having brief memory loss’? Mimi has seen too many times.
The other day, he told his dad to put on his backpack (the one he uses to take to work) and mimi put on his school bag.

Mimi:  ‘Appa, now you say ‘Ramesh’. Then I’ll say ‘Suresh’. …..
Appa: Blink, blink… small smile on the face
Me: ROFL…. my little hero..

Aaalll eeezz welll

You’re probably tired of hearing that now. I would have been too if not for mimi. Because that’s what he says the first thing when he wakes up and the last thing before going to bed at night. And yes, a million hunded trillion thousand more times during the day.

The term seems to have caught his fancy and I’ll be so glad if he makes that his mantra for the rest of his life. We were at a sale at one of the big shopping centers the other day. My sis and mimi were at one end while I was at another end looking for some toys. The place was jampacked with people talking at the top of their voices. Once every couple of minutes, I could hear ‘aaalll eeezz welll’ from the other end of the hall and I’d heave a sigh of relief that my mimi and sister were safe. Of course, I’d pour out some giggles too.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I told myself, when he grows up, if not anything, he’ll surely get a job as a night watchman. When I told this to my mom I got a whack on the head. 😦
So much for worrying about your child’s future.

Mimi is doing fine otherwise. He’s talking a lot now, most of which only he will understand. He had a fall from his tricycle. How he managed that, I’m still not sure? He’s not more than 3 feet, so when he sits on his ‘not more than 1.5 foot’ tall tricycle he too is ‘not more than (say) 2 feet’. He toppled over the threshold and cut his chin.

A non panicker, the first time I saw the cut I panicked. It was deep. I ran to the clinic. By the time the doctor took a look see, the wound had closed partially. I thanked the GODS. If it hadn’t closed up we’d have to stitch it up. Anyway now aaalll eezz welll…