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Hot from the crochet oven

It’s been a while since my crochet oven worked. I was part a KAL /CAL (Knit ALong / Crochet ALong – something where everyone starts on a project at the same time) on ravelry that called for projects with mohair or laceweight yarn. I had some fingering weight yarn that had been calling out to me for a while. So I jumped right in for the CAL. And I’m totally thrilled at what I made. Here are the pictures. The shawl needs to be blocked and tussles need to be added. But I was too excited to wait before sharing it here.

And it has been made for someone special. Can’t reveal now. Once it’s all done and given to the lady, I’ll click more pictures and update you. Watch this space for more…………


I’m a happy easter egg

So, what happened is this. I got a circular from Mimi’s school announcing that there was going to be a fancy dress on account of Good Friday and that the kids needed to be dressed as any character from the story of Jesus Christ / Easter bunny or Easter eggs.
I freaked out. I had no idea where to go from there. After a helping friend gave me some ideas, I settled down with some chart paper, colours, ribbon… the works.

And thus went the story of the Easter egg costume…

I drew the picture of an easter egg on chart paper and filled it up with colourful dots and stripes and little bit of glitter here and there..

Then I cut it into two parts as if the egg had crackedI

I made the top half like a cap and attached ribbon to the lower half and tied it round his waist. Voila… I’m a happy easter egg…

Mimi’s away at school and I sincerely hope he’s enjoying himself… the poor child has not yet made any friends at school, the quiet, shy child that he is.

More from the nest later!

Christmas gift for a friend

Ok this post was supposed to have come when it was christmas. But that day there was tech problem with the website and then I forgot about it altogether.

So here it is…

A dear friend of mine stays in a different city up north. With christmas round the corner, I made a little something for her and couriered it. I dint have her address, so I first tracked her on FB, then traced her husband from her friends list. Got in touch with him over FB, and got her address.

I made small cross stitch flowers, got them framed, bubble wrapped it, taped it, put it in a box, wrapped the box, put a cute little ribbon, put the whole box in a cover and sent it off.

The effort was worth it, coz my friend loved it. She told me she’s even kept the gift under her christmas tree…. awwww!

Here are the pictures.





Granny stripes muffler… completed…

… ta-da. Its finally done. Oh boy! My first experimental project has been completed and its looking wonderful. A dear pal’s birthday is tomorrow and we met tonite for a dinner party. Gave her the muffler as a birthday gift and she loved it. I’m so happy!! This kind of happiness touches the right chords in your heart, doesn’t it?

Here are some pictures of my completed project. But I cant finish this post without giving credit to Lucy of Attic24. I was inspired by her to do this muffler.

A new project – The granny stripes muffler

I’ve embarked on a new project with my crochet needle. I’m making muffler using granny stripes. I saw it on Attic24 — thanks Lucy, you have the best and the most easiest and most tempting patterns.

Here are some pictures:

these are the colours i’m planning to use. Hope it looks neat at the end.

You see that half circle thingy in one part of the photo? That’s a cap that i was working on. It went all wrong. Now its being used as a coaster. Tea, anyone?

Oh ya! Remember I spoke about a cap that I wanted to give a friend who had delivered a son some time back. Unfortunately, I could not finish it in time. But I did finish the cap. Hopefully, I’ll meet her again, soon.

Here’s the finished product.

Till next time……..

Raving about Ravelry

I’ve gotten back to crochet in a big way. Thanks to Nupur of One Hot Stove. I saw all her projects and realised what I missing. Then from there I got linked to Lucy of Attic24 and fell in love all over again — with crochet, that is. From there I got linked to Ravelry.com. Oh! what a beautiful website it is.

So, mimi’s mommy will be showing off some of her handiwork here, off and on. Enjoy!

The first project I’ve started is a baby’s hat. It’ll be for a friend’s baby who was born last month. I’m halfway through with it. The pics will come up once its completed.

Watch this space for more…

Home made cake!

I have always been fond of baking and used to bake a variety of cakes till I got married for after that I couldn’t becuase we were not allowed to bring in eggs into my hubby’s house. I kind of lost interest in baking until I hit upon this recipe which compelled me to try out an eggless cake. At first I used only the basic ingredients, i.e., no raisins, cocoa powder or nuts.

The first try was disastourous. My cake turned out like biscuit in the center and all wet and undone on the top. Thankfully, I did not give up.  After a couple of days I tried again, microwaving it for a shorter time and on more heat. Voila! it turned out so spongy and lovely. The only thing missing was the crust which you get in a regular oven. Aaah! but that’s ok.

Now, I began trying with different ingredients. Bananas and cashew – excellent, just dry fruits – excellent, just cocoa powder – excellent and finally marble cake (mixture of regular and chocolate cake) — superbly excellent (if english like this exists).

Now, I was visiting a friend who had just come out of surgery. And I wanted to take something for her. What better than a home made cake. Here’s what I took for her. By the way, the inspiration to bake marbled cake and to gift  home made cake comes from here


Picture 27505

And then, I also made one for home. I’ve cut it up to show you how lovely it looks.

Picture 27509 Picture 27510