Why are we so obsessed with ‘clicking memories’?

Look around you – how many gadgets do you have that have a camera? Your laptop, your tab, your phones.. heck, there’s even a pen available with a camera, these days.

I often wonder what people did when cameras were not so freely available? Did they forget how their children looked when they were young? Did they not recall how cute their baby looked they day he/she was born? Did a young groom forget how stunning his bride looked on the day he married her? Or did that group of college going youngsters forget how much fun they had everyday? No! I don’t think so… They remembered everything, they associated their memories with the happiness and fun and joy that those moments brought at that particular moment.

So, how is it different now? We’ve forgotten how breathtaking a sunset can be or how beautiful a rose looks, because we are so busy trying to get a ‘good’ picture to upload on our social networking sites.
Spotted a squirrel outside my window today, ‘click’. Oh look! My kid is crying because I did not let him use my shaving blade (yes, there are a series of photos of small kids crying, available online, because of some silly reason.) , ‘click’. My daughter wore a new dress, ‘click’. I painted my nails with a new shade of nail polish today, ‘click’. My son is going to dance on the stage today, ‘click’,’click’,’click’,’click’….. Don’t even get me started on getting the ‘perfect selfie’. Why have we forgotten to slow down, why are we spending so much time capturing memories on a camera rather than enjoying the moment itself?

Anyway, the one regarding ‘child is going to dance on stage’ bit irked me and got me thinking. Mimi had his annual day at school yesterday and the parents were invited to be a part of the audience. The children put up a fantastic show, each child trying to do his/her best. They were out there in all their glory, trying to locate their mum or dad in the audience. We parents were equally excited. It’s an amazing feeling to watch your little one stage. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

So whenever a group of students were up on stage for a song or dance, there would be a hoard of mums and dads kneeling right in front of the stage, clicking pictures and recording a video. Now this meant, all their focus would be on getting the picture or video right (zoom in, zoom out..etc). It would mean elbowing another parent to the side so they could get a better capture. And finally it would mean that their child on stage knew that his/her parent was down there with a camera and would lose focus on the dance or song, so that the parent got a good shot….
Finally it meant that the parents who were sitting quietly (me and few others) and enjoying the dance or song, would not be able to see the performance in peace because a-photographer-in-the-making was blocking the view. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I nudged The Big Man and told him ‘how silly can these parents be?’ He just nodded in agreement.

Now tell me, after going home, what part of your child’s performance are you going to remember? The part when she was on center stage doing her solo. Or the part when your son cartwheeled across the stage. Or that you just plainly enjoyed the whole show with a smile on your face? Or the part when you were struggling to get the right picture and right frame?????

Back to the annual day – there was the grand finale, when each and every child who had performed that day came on stage and danced away. I don’t recall, but I think there were just a handful of clappers, because all her hands had become clickers.

Finally I can’t finish without telling you that during the grand finale I caught a glimpse of The Big Man trying to click a picture of Mimi.

With great power comes great responsibility, said Spider man. But with amazing, advanced technology comes a great deal of not knowing how and when to use it.

Oh Well! ‘To each his own’, I say…..




Happy Birthday, Mimi!

Dear Mimi,

You’re 7 today! Wow! It’s sounds like such a big number. Of course! It’s a big number. I can’t believe you are 7 and I still remember the day in the hospital, the day you were born.

Baby, you are now transitioning into a big boy from a small boy. On second thoughts maybe I shouldn’t start the sentence with the word ‘baby’. ๐Ÿ™‚

On this special day, I wish you get the best of everything. My biggest wish for you is that you grow to be a thorough gentleman. Everything else will follow….


Have a greatย  year ahead. This time, I’m going to share some of your Mimi’isms’ for your birthday post. Enjoy!



Mimi: Amma, who’s a scientist
Me: He’s one who does experiments and works in the lab and blah, blah, blah…
Mimi: Ok! So a scientist is one who ‘tests’ ‘science’ as in ‘scien’ย  ‘test’, right?
Me: Of course, child! That’s the correct answer…


Mimi: Where are our kidneys?
Me: pointing to my hip
Mimi: I think kids have their kidneys in their knees – that’s why they are called as ‘kid’ ‘neys’
Me: Silence

There are many, many more, but they deserves a special post, no?


A card for mother’s day you made at school



Love you lots…. amma




Stuffed pooris

Winter holidays are here and it’s a challenge making something new everyday to feed the little boy. With the aim of making something new and interesting I tried making pooris in different shapes, that were cut using a cookie cutter, and had a little stuffing made from potatoes, sweet corn, peas, carrot, salt and pepper.
Words straight from the horse’s mouth… ‘Amma! These are super! 100% super!’


Pooris are a very popular dish in India. They are made from whole wheat flour. A dough is made by mixing whole wheat flour and water. I add a pinch of salt while making the dough, for taste.ย  The dough is rolled out into thin circles and deep fried.
There are many varients ofย  pooris. While some keep it simple (like the one I’ve made here), you can add carom seeds or a little finely chopped fenugreek leaves. Some people add pureed spinach while making the dough. These will lend yummy, green coloured, very healthy pooris.
Another varient is where the dough has only ‘all the purpose flour’. In this recipe, you mix the flour with yogurt instead of water and leave it sometime before making the pooris. The outcome is some yummy tasting ‘batura’.

Pooris are accompanied by gravies of all kinds. Potato gravy, mix veg gravy (I’ve made my version here) or chick pea gravy.
Since my version was a quick fix snack, I served it with tomato ketchup.

My recipe is quite simple, really. I mixed:
1 small mashed potato
1/4 cup boiled sweet corn
1/4 cup boiled peas
1/4 grated carrot.
salt and pepper to taste.


Roll out the dough. I used the cookie cutters and made 2 pieces of each shape. I have 6 different shapes. I put a little stuffing between two pieces and pressed the sides and then deep fried it in hot oil.


IMG_1875 IMG_1915

I think these will make wonderful tiffin snacks too. I can think of so many other stuffing suggestions – paneer (cottage cheese), onion and carrot, cabbage and carrot, just peas and potato…..

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Happy Birthday, Mimi!

You are 6 today.

6! 6!… keep saying it and it really sounds like a big number. Just like you’ve started showing signs of growing from a small child to a young boy. Your questions are different. Your answers are different. Some times you back answer as if trying to show that you are an individual by yourself and sometimes you follow me like a mouse as if you couldn’t do without me.

You are now in grade 1. It can be tough to get you to sit down for your homework sometimes, but once you sit down you finish off your work quickly. Your spellings are not so great, but I guess you’ll soon get there. But you love doing math. ๐Ÿ™‚

Your friends love playing with you and you are a compassionate friend who will play along with what ever others say. But will come later to me with a sad face and say ‘They only do what they want and don’t let me have my way’. The most I can tell you is to play with someone with whom you enjoy playing, no matter who takes the lead. I do hope you make some friends who will be for keeps.
You are not possessive about your toys and will easily share even the most precious toy in your toy box, with your pals. And it won’t worry you if they break it. You’ll just come up to me and say ‘Galti se toot gaya’. Well, what can I say?

Your dad and I are very happy that you have a thing for sports. You love playing all games, be it cricket, badminton, table tennis, football or hockey. I was telling your dad that it’s time to get you into a proper training class for a sport.
Oh! How could I forget that you are already very good at skating and did your school proud when you won a gold medal at an inter-school skating competition.

Hmmm what else..?? Yes! You love making cards and drawing. Here’s a photo of the card you made for ‘father’s day’. It’s a different story that ‘mother’s day’ was not even mentioned by someone (a.k.a your dad). Hmph! Anyway, the way you shower me with your hugs, kisses and love… everyday is a mother’s day for me.
2013-06-17 11.19.28

2013-06-17 11.19.43a

The drawings are explained here: Top left is a pizza in a box. A very, very colourful box. Just below that is a heart. Bottom left is a drawing of dad and son sleeping. On the right hand top is a sketch which has been crossed out because it came out all wrong. The next drawings are dad playing cricket and the last one is dad doing his favourite pass time- watching TV. Finally, that’s a traffic signal but I can’t remember why a traffic signal was placed there.

You can make us laugh as effortlessly as you can break into a giggle. And you can make some kick ass inventions.
Take this alarm for example.
You tied a skipping rope around the bedroom door handle and told me that when I have to wake you up in the morning, I am to bang the door really hard, so that the skipping rope handles will clank against the door and you will wake up to that sound.
I don’t who will wake up first – you dad with a fright, you after the melodious clanking of the skipping rope handles against the door or our house owner who’s far away (who’ll probably not be able to sleep at all knowing that we were banging his house doors just to wake up one another)

A couple ofย  mimi-ism:
We were just coming back home after a walk. You and I reached home a little faster than your dad.
Me: Where is your dad?
Mimi: Phone se latak rahe hai

{Translation: Dad is hanging from his phone. Apparently dad was listening to music on his phone you used the ‘latak rahe hai’ cause it was looking like dad was hanging from his phone}


Mimi: Amma, from now on you will refer to me as ‘dadaji’ and I will respond to you by calling you ‘naniji’
Me: Laughing out loud to even react

But we did try this and it was fun for a while
Me: Dadaji, lunch is ready
Mimi: Ok Naniji, I’m coming

Me: Dadaji, move it now, come for your bath
Mimi: Not now, naniji, I’m watching TV

Me: Dadaji, if you are done with your business on the pot, please wash up and come out
Mimi: Naniji, can you please wash my bum???
{*With all due respect to all the dadajis and nanijis in the world, no offense was meant}


For your birthday, we decided (read ‘convinced you’) to have a private celebration. And you agreed. So your dad and I got a cake and a present for your birthday. When you got back from school, I was ready with a treasure hunt game for you to lead you upto your cake and present. Here is the sequence of clues for your hunt.

Clue no 1. Go to skates cupboard


The clue that he found in the skates cupboard said Go to the Fridge


Here’s where the cake was hidden. We ate the cake and then we turned over the clue found in the fridge


It said, Check behind the clock

The clue hidden behind the clock had a picture of the A/C


Hidden next to the A/C was the birthday present

7You’ve grown fond of the ‘transformers’, seen the movie and loved it. So we thought this year, we’ll buy you a couple of transformer robots. Needless to say, you’re in love with them already. {p.s. I myself love Optimus Prime}


Finally a picture of the cake…. 9

Before I close this post, I just want to wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness, peace of mind and the strength to face tough times and emerge out of them with more confidence and courage to face further challenges.
Most of all, may you be blessed with the ability to know what is right and wrong. May you grow up to be a good human being and a kind gentleman.

Happy birthday, my love…..

The great gapsy!

Mimi’s soon going to be six. And I’m going to be a good mum and make a nice birthday blog post for him this time. I meant to do it for his 5th, but just couldn’t get around to doing it. Ok! That’s not what this post is about. I think I have ADHD. Ok!.. that’s still not what this is about. Damn!!! focus! focus!

OK! I have my attention now. So, since mimi’s soon going to be 6, I have been telling him about how he’s going to lose his milk teeth and get strong new teeth and that he shouldn’t freak out if a tooth suddenly feel off. His lower right front tooth has been shaking for the last 4 days (I know they have a name, can’t remember now. Wish I had paid more attention in school.) Focus, lady! Focus!!!!

So, this morning, mimi was doing his routine check of ‘what have you given for lunch’ and was very happy to see that his snacks box had his fav., biscuits. SO he ran and hugged me. The impact? The loose tooth feel off.
There is a cute little gap in his teeth and he makes a cute little whistling sound by passing air from that gap. That’s the story of the great gap-sy! Image

Proud mommy!

I was surprised to receive a note from Mimi’s school saying he had been selected to represent his school at an inter school skating competition. I signed the note and sent it back giving my consent. I was not prepared for the surprise that was waiting for me next.

On the day of the competition, my mind was constantly praying that my little one would be OK as he gone to a different school and all that. You know how a mum’s mind constantly worries about her child.

I waited eagerly to see him get off the bus. I asked him how his day was and how the competition was?
“It was good”
“So who came first?”
“I did”
“What?” I said in awe and wondering if I had heard right
“I came first amma” he said pointing to himself

I thought may be he may be mistaken and so I got probing.

“What did you get?”
“I got a medal and a surf-i-ticket”
“You mean certificate?”
“Haan! wahi! surfiticket”

The day progressed on and I still wondered if it could be true. In the evening, I got a call from his class teacher who confirmed that he had won the first place and that they had his medal and certificate which would be handed over to him in a couple of days.

Today, finally, he got his medal and surfiticket. What a proud mommy I am today! :`)And his dad is even more prouder than me.


Wearing his heart… where everyone can see it

I was trying to bake some biscuits – must have been my millionth attempt. Never mind the biscuits, they turned out all soft and not so tasty. Once the baking was done, I guess the smell attracted Mimi into the kitchen. He came and sniffed around the oven… a little too long.

He held his nose so close to the oven that the tip of the nose got a wee bit burnt. And it burnt in the shape of a heart. The poor thing. Everyone he met asked ‘What’s that on your nose?’ And I kept explaining how it happened. I could almost hear them think ‘What a bad mummy, letting her kid touch the oven’ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I kept trying to get the right angle to click a photo, so I ended up clicking so many photos that at the end he said ‘ma! no more photos of my nose’