Hot from the crochet oven…

My hands have been busy for a long time.. crocheting, that is! I made a beanie cap for my mom. I’m looking for the pattern and no matter how much I search, I’m unable to find the link to the website from where I got it. But I’d like to thank the kind lady who shared her pattern for this hat. I’ve not copied it stitch to stitch and I’ve made a few alterations here and there. All in all its a good hat and mom loved it.

Next on list was Fingerless mittens that I got from the kind lady here. I was not a fan of fingerless mittens till I realised how easy they are to make and how cool they look. They also seem to be the ‘in’ thing now.

Also, with the onset of winter in Bangalore, my sister wanted a scarf. I got the ‘neat ripple pattern’ from Lucy of Attic24.  And voila! what can I say, my sister loved the result…


The Bangalore Ravelry girls’ revelry.

WOW! I’m yet to recover from today afternoon’s meet. The Bangalore Ravelry girls meet. I was soooo nervous yet excited about how it would be to meet a whole group of new people, the only common thing between us being the love for knitting and crochet.

Thanks to Ravelry, I met and made so many new friends today. We met at a nice, cozy cafe on M.G. Road. As I opened the door to get in, my heart was in my mouth. I was worried how to find this group of ladies when I’ve never even met or spoken to anyone before. I don’t know how, but my steps led me straight to the table where they were seated. Surprised? I was too.

Imagine if I had gone to someone else and introduced my self, they’d have said ‘huh? Ok! So?’.

But I got the expected response. ‘Haaaiiii, how are you? Welcome’ Handshakes, smiles and 2 seconds later I felt like I knew them from ages.

As time passed many more ravelers walked in and there were many more handshakes and welcome smiles. I had no idea where those two hours that we spent together went. There was chattering, talking nineteen to a dozen, eating, drinking and of course, more chattering. All in between laughs and clicking pictures.

Everyone had little tidbits to share about what they were working on, where we can get good yarn and when we should meet again. Yay! I’m already so thrilled that I’ll be meeting my new friends again, soon.

I wish I had taken my camera along, maybe next time I’ll treat you to some pictures too! 🙂