Why are we so obsessed with ‘clicking memories’?

Look around you – how many gadgets do you have that have a camera? Your laptop, your tab, your phones.. heck, there’s even a pen available with a camera, these days.

I often wonder what people did when cameras were not so freely available? Did they forget how their children looked when they were young? Did they not recall how cute their baby looked they day he/she was born? Did a young groom forget how stunning his bride looked on the day he married her? Or did that group of college going youngsters forget how much fun they had everyday? No! I don’t think so… They remembered everything, they associated their memories with the happiness and fun and joy that those moments brought at that particular moment.

So, how is it different now? We’ve forgotten how breathtaking a sunset can be or how beautiful a rose looks, because we are so busy trying to get a ‘good’ picture to upload on our social networking sites.
Spotted a squirrel outside my window today, ‘click’. Oh look! My kid is crying because I did not let him use my shaving blade (yes, there are a series of photos of small kids crying, available online, because of some silly reason.) , ‘click’. My daughter wore a new dress, ‘click’. I painted my nails with a new shade of nail polish today, ‘click’. My son is going to dance on the stage today, ‘click’,’click’,’click’,’click’….. Don’t even get me started on getting the ‘perfect selfie’. Why have we forgotten to slow down, why are we spending so much time capturing memories on a camera rather than enjoying the moment itself?

Anyway, the one regarding ‘child is going to dance on stage’ bit irked me and got me thinking. Mimi had his annual day at school yesterday and the parents were invited to be a part of the audience. The children put up a fantastic show, each child trying to do his/her best. They were out there in all their glory, trying to locate their mum or dad in the audience. We parents were equally excited. It’s an amazing feeling to watch your little one stage. 🙂 🙂

So whenever a group of students were up on stage for a song or dance, there would be a hoard of mums and dads kneeling right in front of the stage, clicking pictures and recording a video. Now this meant, all their focus would be on getting the picture or video right (zoom in, zoom out..etc). It would mean elbowing another parent to the side so they could get a better capture. And finally it would mean that their child on stage knew that his/her parent was down there with a camera and would lose focus on the dance or song, so that the parent got a good shot….
Finally it meant that the parents who were sitting quietly (me and few others) and enjoying the dance or song, would not be able to see the performance in peace because a-photographer-in-the-making was blocking the view. 😦

I nudged The Big Man and told him ‘how silly can these parents be?’ He just nodded in agreement.

Now tell me, after going home, what part of your child’s performance are you going to remember? The part when she was on center stage doing her solo. Or the part when your son cartwheeled across the stage. Or that you just plainly enjoyed the whole show with a smile on your face? Or the part when you were struggling to get the right picture and right frame?????

Back to the annual day – there was the grand finale, when each and every child who had performed that day came on stage and danced away. I don’t recall, but I think there were just a handful of clappers, because all her hands had become clickers.

Finally I can’t finish without telling you that during the grand finale I caught a glimpse of The Big Man trying to click a picture of Mimi.

With great power comes great responsibility, said Spider man. But with amazing, advanced technology comes a great deal of not knowing how and when to use it.

Oh Well! ‘To each his own’, I say…..




Proud mommy!

I was surprised to receive a note from Mimi’s school saying he had been selected to represent his school at an inter school skating competition. I signed the note and sent it back giving my consent. I was not prepared for the surprise that was waiting for me next.

On the day of the competition, my mind was constantly praying that my little one would be OK as he gone to a different school and all that. You know how a mum’s mind constantly worries about her child.

I waited eagerly to see him get off the bus. I asked him how his day was and how the competition was?
“It was good”
“So who came first?”
“I did”
“What?” I said in awe and wondering if I had heard right
“I came first amma” he said pointing to himself

I thought may be he may be mistaken and so I got probing.

“What did you get?”
“I got a medal and a surf-i-ticket”
“You mean certificate?”
“Haan! wahi! surfiticket”

The day progressed on and I still wondered if it could be true. In the evening, I got a call from his class teacher who confirmed that he had won the first place and that they had his medal and certificate which would be handed over to him in a couple of days.

Today, finally, he got his medal and surfiticket. What a proud mommy I am today! :`)And his dad is even more prouder than me.


Mimi Tales

There is dead silence in the house as soon as Mimi goes to school.
And then… the silence dies the minute the door opens and he enters home again.

Non stop, non stop, the rhymes and songs are rattled one after another.
A,B,C,D,E,F, fee, X,Y,Z (Version 1a)

Two days later and some practice in school
A, B,C,D,E,F,G,X,Y,J,K,ELLO MENNO P, ELLO, MENNO, P,Q, R, S,T (version 1b)

Then there are some hindi songs which only he can understand. I can get only the last line – ‘Apna ghar hai sabse pyara’ – meaning ‘our home is the best’.

I can’t imagine how he can keep chattering non stop. With me, with his toys, with himself, with his cycle, with his imaginary friend and with his food.

Ask him if he has friends in school, he’ll tell you ‘Yes’.
What are their names? ‘One is the one with Sinchan bag and the other is the one with Spiderman bag. I don’t know their names.’

It’s easy to please Mimi. A couple of bourbon biscuits or noodles for lunch is all it takes for you to get a hug and a thank you from him.

Even this morning, when I got him all ready for school, he was so happy with his outfit that I was awarded a hug and thank you. By the way, they had Independence day celebrations at school. We had to send kids dressed in saffron, white and green.

After much hunting and getting wet in the rain while hunting and etc., I came up with this…

Enjoy! By the way, that hat/ head band is home made. Improvised a table mat. 😛

Crochet heavy post coming up next. Watch this space for more….

I’m a happy easter egg

So, what happened is this. I got a circular from Mimi’s school announcing that there was going to be a fancy dress on account of Good Friday and that the kids needed to be dressed as any character from the story of Jesus Christ / Easter bunny or Easter eggs.
I freaked out. I had no idea where to go from there. After a helping friend gave me some ideas, I settled down with some chart paper, colours, ribbon… the works.

And thus went the story of the Easter egg costume…

I drew the picture of an easter egg on chart paper and filled it up with colourful dots and stripes and little bit of glitter here and there..

Then I cut it into two parts as if the egg had crackedI

I made the top half like a cap and attached ribbon to the lower half and tied it round his waist. Voila… I’m a happy easter egg…

Mimi’s away at school and I sincerely hope he’s enjoying himself… the poor child has not yet made any friends at school, the quiet, shy child that he is.

More from the nest later!

My little Chef!!

Mimi came from his school with a big chef cap on his head. His neck was stiff, he worried that the cap may fall off. “Amma, see my chef cap, chef cap…”
He was looking soooo cute.
“Amma, I do mixing in school” he announced.

We got home, he ran to the kitchen and brought a couple of spoons and some imaginary plates and said “Take amma, you eat”. I was fed some imaginary food.

Then, he pulled out his chef hat, crowned me with and said “Ok amma, now you mix”. And he ran off….

What? That’s all…
leaving you with some impromptu snaps.

Independance day…

 Mimi’s school celebrated Independence week and kids were asked to dress up in ethnic clothes. At first I could’nt decide what to do.. then I went and picked up a nice crisp white kurta and a ready made dhoti. And I thought a khadi waist coat would go just fine, but they dont make khadi waistcoats that size and I dint want to buy the fancy type. So, I purchased some khadi cloth and got down to stiching a waist coat. Here is the result….

Picture 27483

I was inspired by Mad Momma, from seeing that she made her kids costumes at home. Thanks MM.

So that was Independence week…

Carnival at Mimi’s school

Last week Mimi’s school held a carnival for the kids and family members. It was a fun event with nice activities and games for both kids and family. I won a game and got a ‘Smiley’ pin for my collar.

Some memories through the lens…

Picture 27404

Mimi’s play area.. which he loves

Picture 27408

fishing the rubber duck out of the pond… Mimi promptly picked up the duck with his hand and put it in the net… smart boy, or what?

Picture 27413 Picture 27415

ssupppper/spider/balloon/king man.. all in one super hero!!

Off to school…

Its been a month since Mimi joined playschool, but I haven’t had the time and patience to post about it. We got him enrolled to a nice school nearby. The first three days, moms/dads were asked to accompany the child, which I thought was a novel idea.

The first time when I left him alone my heart broke into a million pieces, parts of which I’m still picking up. He cried the whole time that he was there. The second day he was better, but did cry for a bit. Slowly he got used the school and wouldn’t cry when he was there. But getting him to go to school was a mountain task., I’d probably have climed Mt.Everest with more ease.

The minute I’d take him for bath, he would know and I would get a earful of howling, crying out ‘no kool, no kool’. But mean as we are, we used to get him ready and drop him off to school. The minute he would see the teachers he would smile and trot along.

Since two-three days he’s been a good boy and does not cry. He happily skips along and enjoys himself at school. He’s even picked up bits of ‘Johnny Johnny’ and ‘Pussy cat, pussy cat’ along with a few numbers here and there.

The funniest part is whenever I take him to the loo for a pee, he says ‘one, two, three… GO’ and then pees.

This pic was taken on the first day of school.

Picture 27373

Look at all the stuff he got from the school. That is the uniform he has to wear every friday.

Picture 27369


Picture 27370

He even got a cute lunch box and water bottle, all complete with a fork and spoon. How cute is that?

Picture 27371