Proud mommy!

I was surprised to receive a note from Mimi’s school saying he had been selected to represent his school at an inter school skating competition. I signed the note and sent it back giving my consent. I was not prepared for the surprise that was waiting for me next.

On the day of the competition, my mind was constantly praying that my little one would be OK as he gone to a different school and all that. You know how a mum’s mind constantly worries about her child.

I waited eagerly to see him get off the bus. I asked him how his day was and how the competition was?
“It was good”
“So who came first?”
“I did”
“What?” I said in awe and wondering if I had heard right
“I came first amma” he said pointing to himself

I thought may be he may be mistaken and so I got probing.

“What did you get?”
“I got a medal and a surf-i-ticket”
“You mean certificate?”
“Haan! wahi! surfiticket”

The day progressed on and I still wondered if it could be true. In the evening, I got a call from his class teacher who confirmed that he had won the first place and that they had his medal and certificate which would be handed over to him in a couple of days.

Today, finally, he got his medal and surfiticket. What a proud mommy I am today! :`)And his dad is even more prouder than me.